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By Mike Johnson on 2022-02-11 02:25:00

WWE will be taping two episodes of Friday Night Smackdown tonight, so if anyone is attending in New Orleans, we are seeking spoiler results.

Former ROH Women's World Champion Rok-C was at this past Tuesday's NXT taping, so it does appear she has signed with the company and will soon be announced whenever they reveal the next class of athletes.

Shane McMahon popped up in the following tweet from Marco Masotti, owner of the Sharks Rugby Team:

WWE released the following photos of merchandise from their Los Angeles Pop-Up Store at this link.

There are no live events this weekend due to the company's travel next week to Saudi Arabia for the Elimination Chamber PPV.

The Daily Item in Pennsylvania featured quotes from Samu Anoa'i about recently signing a new WWE Legends/Nostalgia deal at this link, likely a deal similar to the one The Boogeyman just inked.  "I am truly honored to return to the company in which has been my family since I was born,” Samu said.  “I am also happy for the wrestling fans of Sunbury and surrounding areas who have always welcomed me, my family, my brother Afa and son Lance with open arms. I have made several friends who are now family to me and that is priceless.  I want to thank Mr. McMahon, the rest of the McMahon family, and all of the WWE officials for all they have done for me and my family."  Over the course of his many runs with the company, Samu worked as Wild Samoan #3, Samula and of course Samu of The Headshrinkers.

WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali made headlines in India after officially joining the Bharatiya Janata political Party.

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