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By Mike Johnson on 2022-02-09 12:22:00

Whether Rhodes to the Top is a precursor to AEW Dynamite or Rampage coming to HBO Max:

"It's a great question. And that's something that we would have to work out together and have had conversations about. And I can't promise anything one way or the other, but I think it's something that would be great for the fans if we could work it out."

Signing Danhausen:

"Well, the fans really like Danhausen and I like paying attention to the fans. And so there was clearly a lot of engagement with him. So I thought he would be a good person to add to AEW. He's been tremendous. And he sold so much merchandise in such a short time. He's already one of our top five merch sellers in their first release ever. So that means that there's definitely real fan interest in him. And also, it's been a very economical choice for us to bring Danhausen in. So very, very pleasing how the fans have reacted to the arrival at Danhausen, and also of the segments he was in, did a really good rating too, which is nice because the Adam Cole versus Orange Cassidy afore mentioned lights out match was a great main event on a show that did a great number, about 1.1 million average for the show total and a really strong number in the demo.  Then we opened with a great segment this past week again with Danhausen and Orange Cassidy in the corner of Wheeler Yuta versus Jon Moxley.  Again, that segment did a really strong number. So Danhausen two for two in the quarter hours and the minute by minutes, and also he's one of our best selling merchandise wrestlers of all time already. So yeah, he's definitely come in and excited the online fan base in a major way and gets great reactions in the live arena too. So very happy to have Danhausen here."

Kenny Omega update:

"We miss Kenny Omega greatly. He's one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and was a dominant champion in AEW for almost a year. And I personally miss Kenny Omega being around very much. He's healing from a bunch of injuries, significant injuries. And he wrestled through all of that and had some of the best matches in the history of the company while he was really beat up. And he really cares a lot about wrestling and he worked his ass off to fill up and make his matches great even when he was in a ton of pain and could barely get through it and now it's time for him to rehabilitate and heal and he's going to come back stronger, and comeback, I hope as good or even better than ever. I really believe the stuff he did while he was physically limited was so impressive. I think he was absolutely the wrestler of the year for 2021. And I'm very excited for Kenny Omega's return in 2022. It'll be a long time coming and we'd be excited to have him back."

"He was coming in with major injuries and then he worked a really hard schedule here in AEW too. Even though we don't wrestle every day it's really for the average wrestler. I think it is the best schedule you could get coming in once a week. He was doing really grueling matches every week. And he put himself out there for the fans and then through the pandemic, he never took any time off, and for a long time, there were like five people in the history of the company that had never missed a show and until late last year he was one of the five. Kenny omega has never missed anything until late last year and it was kind of bizarre when he wasn't there. And it's still bizarre when he's not around. So he's been so dedicated. And even when he was physically beat up mentally, he was able to put together so many great matches during his title reign and before that, one half of the tag team champions."

Running Boardwalk Hall tonight:

"It'll be very surreal for a lot of people. I think there's a lot of good wrestling fans in this company. And a lot of the wrestling fans who follow AEW are just huge fans of wrestling and its history. Macho Man, Randy Savage is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. And for us to be Dynamite in the building where he won the world title and lost the world title of the WWF, is a big deal and I watched that as a kid.  For me, absolutely, that's one of the reasons I'm really excited to be running Boardwalk Hall. One of many reasons, the history of the building and so it will be very surreal for me personally to be there at Boardwalk Hall.

Why fans should be tuning in this week:

"Well, there's a lot to come this week. There's going to be some great wrestling on the show. We'll follow up on last week's show. Of course, the MJF and CM Punk match with tremendous. So seeing what's next with MJF and CM Punk, I think that's very exciting. We'll see what's next following up on the situation with Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson. And we'll have this huge surprise, we'll have a debut, somebody in action for the first time in AEW and somebody that's going to be with us going forward. I've got some other fun things planned, matches that haven't been announced yet, and of course, one match that has been announced, to me, the most important thing of all, the AEW world championship, Hangman Page defending the title versus Lance Archer in the Texas Death match. And we've seen Hangman Page have some great matches on the run up to becoming the champion. And of course his title win and his defenses against Bryan Danielson have just been classic. And he's on this great run of matches. And Lance Archer is again, a master detective of the Texas Death Match as we established on Dynamite when he beat Mox, who seems so often in AEW to be unbeatable, and Lance Archer is one of very few people ever to do it. You can count on your hand very quickly, how many people have ever beaten Jon Moxley in an AEW match?    I thought it would be a very fitting main event for this great show. And there's going to be so much great stuff in the two hours on TBS on Wednesday night Dynamite this week. So hopefully the lure of the surprise and the promise of some great wrestling and some great follow up and storytelling on the road to Revolution pay-per-view. I think hopefully that'll be enticing enough to get a really good audience for Wednesday night Dynamite this week."

AEW Dynamite airs tonight at 8 PM EST on TBS.

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