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By Mike Johnson on 2022-02-07 10:24:00

We've had a lot of people ask whether there has been any update on WWE releasing the documentary Superfan - The Story of Vladimir.

As of today, there has been zero communication from the company towards Vladimir in months and we are told there are still no current plans to release the finished and completed documentary, which was originally slated for a summer 2021 release. 

We are also told there's been no indication that will change anytime soon, so if you are waiting to see it, unfortunately, you will still be waiting and possibly for quite awhile.

We have been asked by readers if it's possible the delay is due to WWE is holding onto the doc to release it for Wrestlemania season.  While they could always decide to release it before or on Wrestlemania 38 weekend, if they do, it's not because they had a long-planned out strategy to do so.  As I said, there's been zero communication between WWE and Vladimir and while he's obviously planning to go to Wrestlemania in Dallas, he's going just as any other fan would do - on his own after purchasing a ticket, not as part of some grand plan from WWE to promote the doc's release.

We have also had a few readers suggest that they take a note from the Zack Snyder's Justice League social media campaign and push #ReleaseTheVladimirDoc on social media to force WWE's hands.  While I personally love that idea (as full admission here. Vladimir is one of my best friends in the world), my gut feeling is it won't force anything within WWE, but there's always a chance it could help, so if someone wants to go for it, feel free.

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