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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-25 10:02:00

Mustafa Ali is not the only WWE talent who has asked for a release and is waiting for it to be granted, has confirmed with multiple sources.

We can confirm that Brian Kendrick, who had most recently been working as a producer on WWE NXT and 205 Live, requested a release from the company weeks ago and has not been to any TV tapings in Orlando in some time.  We are told Kendrick has been waiting for a release "at least" six weeks.

Kendrick, 42, last wrestled for WWE in October 2020 on the 205 Live brand but did an angle in December on WWE NXT TV with Joe Gacy.  The long-time WWE and former ROH star was originally trained by Shawn Michaels.   Kendrick has had multiple runs with WWE, with this most recent one kicking off with the Cruiserweight Classic tournament back in 2016.

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