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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-23 12:40:00

Major League Wrestling presented Blood & Thunder in Dallas, Texas in Gilley's on Friday 1/21, featuring the following results:

*King Muertes defeated Richard Holliday.  Cesar Duran sent henchmen from Azteca to interfere.

*National Openweight Champion Alex Kane defeated Calvin Tankman in what was said to be a good back and forth bout.  They did a spot where it appeared Tankman was hurt but refused to be taken to the back, so they continued the back.  Tankman's injured knee buckled and Kane scored the win.

*EJ Nduka's open challenge was answered by Ikuro Kwon with EJ quickly winning.  Kwon took the mic and said he didn't lose and challenged Contra traitor Jacob Fatu, who came out and destroyed him.

*Davey Richards defeated ACH in what was said to be a great technical bout.  After the bout, Davey was interviewed as there's a story that someone stole the Opera Cup and he wanted to know who it was and would get to the bottom of it.  They made note he's wrestling Hammerstone at Superfight.  This was said to have been the best wrestling bout on the show.

*Amaris & El Dragon & the debuting Micro Man from CMLL defeated Arez & Gino Medina & Mino Abismo Negro.  Micro Man who was introduced as the greatest pound for pound wrestler in the world (at 3 1/2 feet tall) got the pin on Medina.  Micro Man stole the show and was the most over thing on the show.

*In a Falls Count Anywhere match, MLW Champion Hammerstone beat El Pagono.  They brawled all over the building and backstage.  The Azteca henchmen came out but Richard Holliday hit the scene with a baseball bat and laid them out.  Hammerstone hit the Nightmare Pendulum for the pin.  Hammerstone invited Holliday into the ring.  Alica Atout came out to interview them.  Atout positioned Hammerstone for the cameras and as he turned, she went behind him and nutshotted him with the mic.  She began yelling at Hammerstone as Holliday questioned what was happening but then attacked him.  Atout put the MLW title on Holliday's shoulder and kissed him.  


*The Saito Brothers defeated Bud Heavy & Gnarls Garvin.  Saitos are from All Japan Pro Wrestling.

*TJP defeated Buddy Matthews in Matthews' debut in a result that legitimately shocked everyone backstage.  The original plan was for TJP to go over but over the course of the day, it was changed to Matthews going over.  Somehow, there was a miscommunication that led to the original finish being reinstated.  The storyline before the match was TJP was claiming he was going to slam the company's open door policy shut.

*KC Navarro defeated Ho Ho Lun.  

*Myron Reed won the MLW Middleweight Championship, beating Bandido, Matt Cross and defending champion Tajiri.  Tajiri misted Bandido during the match. Cross was originally slated to wrestle TJP but moved to this bout when there were card changes.

*MLW Tag Team Champions 5150 defeated Los Parks in a Ladder Match.  Homicide ran out to help 5150, so L.A. Park hit the scene to even things out.  

*Miranda Gordy defeated Rok-C.  Gordy was interviewed after.

*Jacob Fatu defeated Mads Kruger.  Kwon tried to interfere but it backfired.  Jacob and Mads kept fighting and they had a huge pull apart to close the show.

MLW NOTES: Dave Marquez was in to direct the show...There are plans to bring in some NWA Mid-Atlantic legends for the 2/26 in Charlotte, NC...there was an obvious tease that Killer Kross is coming in....MLW returns to Dallas on 3/31 over Wrestlemania weekend.

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