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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-05 22:28:00

Jake Atlas appeared to suffer a knee injury while wrestling Adam Cole during the AEW Rampage taping in Newark, NJ.

While executing a springboard from the apron into the ring, Atlas was hit by Adam Cole with a superkick.  Atlas hurt his knee coming down and began grabbing at it.

Atlas had trouble putting weight on his knee after the spot, but still pulled himself up to get in position as they attempted to go for a Panama Sunrise fo rthe finish of the bout.  Atlas was unable to take the spot, so Cole instead grabbed him in a kneebar and Atlas tapped. 

Atlas was helped out by AEW officials after the match and wasn't putting weight on the hurt leg.

There is obviously no word on the severity of the issue as of this writing. We will update as we confirm more.

Atlas was announced as signing with AEW just days ago.

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