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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-01 23:17:00

WWE announced that Drew McIntyre was injured coming out of being attacked by Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin at Day 1 earlier this evening:

The word backstage is that the angle was brought about by some legitimate neck issues McIntyre has been dealing with of late (at least several weeks), necessitating him needing to undergo medical testing.  So, WWE wrote him out of storylines with the attack to be proactive about the situation.   

There is no word how long McIntyre could be out of action, but the hope among those we've spoken with is that it will end up being a short-term in-ring hiatus. Until McIntyre gets checked out, it's "up in the air," according to one source.

There were quite a few people over the course of the night who pointed out how insanely hard McIntyre has been going in recent weeks despite the neck issues, including him working multiple times a night over the recent live event tour that saw him doing tag matches against the Usos and then doing pretty stiff Street Fights against Sheamus.  One person noted that McIntyre "went down swinging" to injury for the company.

McIntyre was wearing a neck brace when he left the PPV tonight.   We will update when we know more.


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