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By Mike Johnson on 2021-12-29 09:04:00

What Khan is Looking forward to in 2022 for AEW:

"I can't wait for AEW to go back to the West Coast. In 2019, we had the original AEW event Double and Nothing at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I'm very excited in 2022 to bring AEW Double or Nothing back to Las Vegas and have our first ever Dynamite on the West Coast. That would be great and that's something we've been looking forward to doing for a long time.  It was still amazing doing the past couple of years in Jacksonville, but it's long overdue for us to make a trip out west again. So that'll be tremendous to serve all the awesome AEW fans out west in 2022."

The TBS Championship Tournament:

"Some of the great matches on AEW television, some of the great matches in AEW, period, have been for the TNT Championship.  It's a established, prestigious title that we've had some really great competition for and with the open challenge we've seen a number of great, exciting debuts in AEW.  I expect with the TBS Championship, all the above is possible. That we can establish a new prestigious championship. We can increase the depth and get more exciting matches and championship matches. I think it's going to be awesome. We've got a great tournament and now we're down to the final three competitors. We know Ruby Soho is on her way to the final, and it's going to be Ruby Soho versus the winner of Thunder Rosa versus Jade Cargill. I think that's a huge match. They've built a really exciting rivalry in recent months, and it's culminating here in the semifinals. I'm really excited about it and, both of them would be a great champion.  All three of them would be a great first champion.  Both Thunder Rosa and Jade Cargill, I think would be a great opponent to Ruby Soho in the final. So it's a huge match for us and it's very unpredictable and I'm really looking forward to it."

What Khan advises fans to expect in 2022 from AEW:

"I'd expect a full year on the road. We've hait a lot of great venues the last six months and hopefully we'll be able to continue and go to all the great cities where they still have not seen AEW. There's a lot of great markets in the United States where we're still not been able to visit over the past couple years.   Just now we've built the roster up so much. There's so many of these stars, the cities can't wait to see CM Punk and Bryan Danielson and Dr. Britt Baker and Darby Allin and King and Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Cassidy and the best friend Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, so many of the great athletes in AEW, people can't get enough of. We haven't been able to go visit different markets in America, and we have a lot of these bookings up our sleeves for 2022. So I'm really looking forward to visiting a lot of you. We haven't been able to go see you in person yet, and also we're also looking forward to going back to a lot of our bread and butter markets.  We've had a lot of the great successes in 2021.  We'll have to follow up on those in 2022. So, I just expect a huge year for us and it's all because of this incredible wrestling fans who wanted to see this all and have made it possible by supporting Dynamite and Rampage every week and our pay-per-view shows."

Whether Khan would want to change anything over the last several years:

"In many ways, I wouldn't want to go back and change a single thing, Mike. I would probably take Doc Brown's advice about that DeLorean and I wouldn't go back and change stuff because I wouldn't want to change anything where it is right now. But one thing I wish I could go back and do is if I'd known that Brodie Lee was going to leave us so soon.  I would've cherished every moment that much more with him and I really did enjoy spending the time with him and talking to Brodie, but I never knew Brodie was going to leave us.  If there was anything I could do to go back and help him or extend his situation, extend his life, that would be what I would go back to.   As far as going back and changing the shows, changing anything about AEW, that I wouldn't do. We have such a great thing going right now and all the things that I've learned in the last three years in the wrestling business, I'm glad that I learned, they were lessons. Along the way, I think the shows have gotten stronger and better  To me, 2021 was the best year yet for AEW. I thought we did our best pay-per-view and our best run of television.   Really, if you look at where we've ended up this year, we really have closed so much of the gap of our competition year over year, and have hit new highs in pay-per-views where the four biggest pay-per-view event we've ever done were this year.  Our last pay-per-views are the two biggest ones we've ever done in particular, All Out 2021 and Full Gear 2021.   I also have really high expectations for the next PPV.  So, just a really exciting time.  For the most part, I wouldn't change a thing. I just wish there was some way Brodie would still be here with us."

AEW returns with Dynamite - New Year's Smash tonight live from Jacksonville, Florida on TNT at 8 PM EST.

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