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By Mike Johnson on 2021-12-28 19:40:00

Updated 12/28 - 7:40 PM EST:

James Yun reached out to me this evening, stating, "Almost a month ago, WWE chose not to move forward with me being a producer, and I was perfectly fine with their decision." 

Yun also stated he did not move on from the position, which several sources within the company had stated over the last several weeks, most recently last night, which is when published our story.

Yun stated, "I don't particularly appreciate seeing this narrative saying that I quit. It takes A LOT for me to quit anything." apologizes for any confusion and error,  Yun has made it clear WWE opted to end his trial run as a producer.



Former WWE and WCW star James Yun aka Jimmy Wang Yang is already done with WWE following a short tryout run as a potential Producer, has confirmed.  Yang started the tryout in October and after several weeks in the role, decidi the position wasn't for him and opted to move on.

Originally trained at the old WCW Power Plant in Georgia, Yun initially broke into the business working as Jimmy Yang for World Championship Wrestling, including being part of one of the last great WCW PPV bouts, a ladder match featuring Three Count vs. The Jung Dragons vs. Jamie Noble & Evan Karagias at Starrcade 2000 in Washington, DC.   

After the closure of WCW, Yun was one of the talents absorbed into WWE, working as a heel under the ring name Akio.  He would later return to the company as Jimmy Wang Yang, playing up a Southern Cowboy persona.    Yun departed WWE back in 2010 and over the course of his career, has also wrestled for Ring of Honor, All Japan Pro Wrestling and was even part of the first-ever TNA PPV bout as one of the Flying Elvises. 

In recent years, Yun has launched and operated a party bus company and has teamed with his daughter Jazzie Yang on independent events.

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