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By Mike Johnson on 2021-12-27 10:43:00

While it is still early in the day, here is what we know about Raw beyond what has been advertised: 

*Obviously there will be some rewrites as a number of talents are not able to appear due to COVID-19 positive-related issues, which could mean either they tested positive or, as one WWE source noted this morning, the talent could have been exposed and held off out of an abundance of caution.  

*What will make this an extra long day is we are told WWE's Producers have been hit hard with COVID-19 in recent days, so where a normal Raw taping would typically have a dozen or so producers to cover the three hours worth of segments, they are down to about half of that, which will make everyone's workload harder, especially if/when the script is ripped up and everyone has to start over.  The fact there is a Smackdown live event tonight also adds to the pressure as producers who could have been tapped to come to Raw instead have their own rare Monday night live event to work on.

*The reason the Mysterios vs. Street Profits bout will finally take place tonight as Montez Ford has been cleared to return to the ring, sources indicated to  He had been held off in recent weeks but returned last night in NYC.

*Apollo Crews was in NYC last night but was not on the Madison Square Garden live event.  He and Commander Azeez were been spotted in Detroit this morning, so they are heading to Raw.

*Veer Mahan was also spotted in Detroit, so they could always officially debut him if they wanted tonight as well.

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