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By Mike Johnson on 2021-12-02 12:35:00

Impact Wrestling on AXS TV tonight will open with a Matt Cardona promo in the ring.

Tenille Dashwood was at the last set of Impact tapings, so she should return as soon as tonight to Impact TV.

Gail Kim will begin to be featured more as an authority figure in Impact storylines in upcoming weeks.

The plan is to announce competitors for the first-ever Women's Ultimate X match starting next week.

For those who have asked about Taylor Wilde disappearing, we are told she's dealing with a personal issue and the company has an open door for her return when she's able to do so.  There is zero heat or anything underlying that caused her to disappear beyond having to handle some personal business.

Hikuleo vs. Jake Something is set for tonight's edition of BTI - Before the Impact.

The Slammiversary 2021 VHS, which was done as an experiment with a small print run, has already sold out.


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