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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-23 11:29:00

As a follow-up to what I wrote about the Superfan: The Story of Vladimir documentary, several WWE sources have told me there are zero current plans for the film to see the light of day.    That completely blows my mind and in my opinion, it's a truly sad shame.  To me, it's one thing if it's a project about a talent dropped, but here was a fan, who loves the company, who spent a year filming off and on, often spilling his heart out about a lot of really personal stuff.  In my opinion, that's a very different circumstance and the company should make it available.  The last time the company promoted it was at the 9/11 episode of Smackdown, running a video in the venue for future WWE Network programming, showing a clip and the logo for the film.  They did not showcase the doc during any promotional material for the WWE Network and Peacock last night at the Barclays Center.    It is insane to me that they spent so much time on the film, completed it and then won't utilize the content for something that is a no-brainer that every fan who ever watched their programming ever would be interested in seeing, given the mythic quality of "Who is that guy?" over the last several decades.  Unless someone with major power within the company make a decree, unfortunately, the film won't be seen anytime soon, if ever.  I hope something changes.

Beyond Vladimir, other projects that have been put into suspended animated are the Lex Luger Icons episode (originally slated to air in July of this year) and a Ric Flair documentary that was slated to look at his health issues from a few years back.  There had also been a Money in the Bank documentary that was being worked on that may have also been dropped.  No word on if or when any of these are brought back to life, but there appears to be zero rush on them from what we are told.

We were asked about reports of other fan issues at the Barclays last night.  There was one fan who was really verbally harassing Montez Ford during Raw and then did so again during the dark match.  He was dared to hop the rail by several talents and came down to ringside, but was walked away by  building security.   There was also someone, said to be Seth Rollins' stylist, who attempted to get at the fan that attacked Rollins but was prevented by security and at one point detained but I was told they were later let back in the venue.   Backstage within WWE, the blame on the fan getting to Rollins was squarely placed on The Barclays Center's security staff.  WWE does have their own security but when live events are taking place, their primary duty is to secure backstage with 1-2 in the crowd.   

Nikki and Brie Bella were in NYC for Summerslam weekend for promotional appearances but did not appear before the live crowd in NYC.  

While they were advertised as only being on sale at Survivor Series, two of the three Bruno Sammartino shirts were also on sale at Raw.  The Bruno statue was on display at the Barlcays as well last night.

There was no return date for the Barclays announced last night.  WWE did not promote next week's return to New York on 11/29 at the UBS Arena or the 12/26 Madison Square Garden event last night.  Last night was the smallest WWE crowd at the Barclays since debuting there, which can be  partially attributed to the fact that not one match was announced.

WWE NXT star Dante Chen announced the passing of his father today.  Everyone at sends our deepest condolences.  Thanks to Eric Sturrock.

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