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By Richard Trionfo on 2021-11-22 23:00:00

We are back and Dana Brooke is in the back celebrating her victory and hiding from everyone.  Sarah ambushes Dana and asks her about what is next.  Dana says she created an opportunity and captured it.  She says she has overcome every obstacle in her path.  This is her moment to show the world who Dana Brooke is.

Before the match starts, Porter tells Rey he has so much respect for him because Rey is an icon of this industry.  You have become a giant, but as a father, you leave so much to be desired.  Porter says he is disappointed in him.  Have you taken the time to teach Dominik that monsters are real.  You have defeated monsters, but never one like Bobby Lashley.  What are you going to do when Dominik is in the Hurt Lock in agony crying for help and you are powerless to do anything.  Your ego will get your child hurt. 

When you have to explain to Angie that your child was hurt because of your ego.  When she is done yelling at you, give her my number to talk.

Match Number Six:  Bobby Lashley (with Montel Vontavious Porter) versus Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio

Dominik with forearms to Lashley but Lashley with a forearm.  Lashley with a snap mare to get Dominik off his back.  Lashley with a suplex.  Lashley with punches and he sets for a delayed vertical suplex but Dominik escapes and Lashley goes into the ring post.  Rey tags in and hits a drop kick and Dominik tags in and he kicks and punches Lashley.  Rey tags in and he punches Lashley.  Dominik tags in and he punches Lashley.  Rey tags in and kicks Lashley.  Lashley picks up Rey but Rey goes for a sunset flip.  Lashley picks up Rey and Irish whips Rey.  Rey tries to float over but Lashley catches him and hits a power slam.  Lashley sets for a full nelson but Dominik with a missile drop kick.

Dominik with a pescado but Lashley catches him.  Rey with a pescado to stop Lashley from running Dominik into the ring post.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lashley chokes Dominik in the ropes and he kicks Dominik and hits a Dominator for a near fall.  We see Porter tripping Dominik to give Lashley the advantage.  Lashley sends Dominik to the floor and follows after him while Rey watches.  Lashley picks up Dominik and runs Dominik into the ring post.  Lashley returns to the ring adn Rey checks on his son.  Lashley returns to the floor to run Dominik into the ringside barrier.  Lashley and Dominik return to the ring.  Lashley tells Dominik to hit him and he makes weak attempts at punches.  Dominik goes for a kick but Lashley blocks it.  Dominik with an enzuigiri.  Lashley with a kick.

Lashley gets Dominik on his shoudlers but Dominik lands on his feet on a Dominator and Dominik kicks Lashley.  Rey tags in and he kicks Lashley.  Rey with a quebrada but Lashley catches Rey.  Doninik tags in and then he swings Rey around for a tornado DDT and Dominik gets a near fall.  Dominik with a kick and he goes for a sunset flip after Rey tags in and Rey wtih a senton for a near fall.  Dominik and Rey send Lashley into the ropes and they hit a double 619.  Dominik goes up top and hits a frog splash.  Redy with a frog splash of his own and they get a near fall.  

Dominik tags in and Lashley sends him to teh apron and Lashley with a spear to Rey.  Lashley catches Dominik off the turnbuckles and applies the full nelson.  Dominik taps out.

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

Kevin Patrick is in the back with Big E.

Kevin asks Big E about having to defend the title tonight.

Big E says he let a lot of people down last night.  He can't blame Paul Heyman or the Usos.  Tonight is not about wallowing in self pity.  Big E says he has Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens to deal wtih but tonight he faces Austin Theory.  The kid is young and brash but he is talented.  After retaining his title and leaving the arena, he will feel pretty good.

Kevin Patrick is with Liv Morgan.

Liv says it is bittersweet because Raw won last night . . . 

Becky Lynch shows up and says Liv underdelivered again.  Liv was on a team of winners and Bianca pulled it out.  You did nothing.  It reminds her of Money in the Bank when everyone was rooting for Liv and she was inches from grabbing that contract but someone outshone Liv to get the contract.  Nikki won the title you would never win.

Liv says she held the title last week.

Becky says she does autograph signings and he lets the kids hold the title but that doesn't make them the champion.  You have embarrassed everyone, even people who are no longer here.  She asks Liv if she is going to cry.

Liv punches Becky.

Commander Azeez comes to the ring with Apollo Crews.  He demands that you stand and applauds true Nigerian hero and soon to be a savior of WWE's United States Championship, Apollo Crews.

Crews says it seems that have had a split personality.  You are ashamed of who you truly are.  I have embraced my Nigerian heritage and I have found my true self.  When I fight you for that United States Championship, I will decimate you.  I am more powerful than ever.  I will show that you are not fit to be the United States Champion.

Priest tells Crews that he is in New York.  Out here, if you want to run your mouth and tell the world how you found each other, start a podcast.  You can shut your damn mouth and fight.

Crews says that Priest is a funny guy and we are in your home town.  For us to fight, it will not be fair.  Crews says his answer is no.

Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring and he says this is perfect.  First, the whole world sees that I was right all along that the conspiracy against him runs all the way to the top when Vince McMahon denied him the title match that he deserved.  One door closes and another opens.  If you don't want to accept the open challenge, it might not be the smartest thing, but if you don't want the match, I will happily accept.  I am not leaving here empty handed.  I am walking out of Brooklyn as the new United States Champion.

Match Number Seven:  Damian Priest versus Sami Zayn in a United States Championship Match

The bell rings and Zayn goes to the floor but Priest stops Zayn and punches him.  They return to the ring and Sami leaves again.  Zayn with an elbow and exploder into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Zayn gets a near fall.  Zayn with a head lock and Priest with punches and kicks.  Priest with a rolling elbow and an elbow into the corner.  Priest boxes the ears but Zayn with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.  Zayn goes up top and Priest with a kick and Priest sets for a superplex but Zayn blocks it and rakes the eyes.  Zayn sets for a sunset flip power bomb and hits it for a near fall.  Zayn punches Priest and Priest punches back.  Priest with a rolling elbow and then he goes for Reckoning but Zayn with a rollup for a near fall.  Priest backs Zayn against the ropes and Priest with a punch.

Zayn goes to the floor and Zayn drops Priest on the top rope and then he chokes Priest in the ropes.  Zayn grabs the title belt and he puts it on his shoulder and pie faces Priest.  Priest gets that look in his eyes and he punches Zayn and then hits South of Heaven and Reckoning for the three count.

Winner:  Damian Priest (retains Championship)

Austin Theory walks in the back and Kevin Patrick ambushes him to ask him about his first WWE Championship match.  

Austin points out that he got a selfie with Vince McMahon.  Tonight, I become the youngest WWE Champion in history.  Big E has done a lot.  You see what I did for Team Raw, and Big E was a big loser.  I am the future and the future is now.  Tonight, Big E will learn that Austin is the future when he takes a selfie as the WWE Champion.

Match Number Eight:  Austin Theory versus Big E for the WWE Championship

Before the match starts, Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring dressed as a member of the Grizzled Young Veterans.

They lock up and Theory with a side head lock and rollup for a near fall.  Theory slaps Big E but Big E with forearms to Theory.  Big E with back elbows to Theory.  Big E with a back elbow. Theory with forearms across the chest while Theory is on the apron.  Big E with a splash on the apron.  

Kevin Owens' music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Theory flips out of a UranagE and Theory with a back elbow and a slam for a near fall.  Theory with a drop kick through the ropes and Big E almost knocks Rollins down.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Theory with forearms.  Theory with a DDT for a near fall.  Big E with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and a second one.  Theory misses a clothesline and Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex.  Big E with a Warrior Splash and then he sets for the Big Ending.  Theory gets back to his feet and he sends Big E into the turnbuckle with a drop toe hold.  Theory with a drop kick for a near fall.  Theory gets Big E up but Big E gets to his feet and Theory is sent to the apron.  Theory with a knee to stop the spear through the ropes.  Big E with a UranagE for a near fall.  Theory goes to the floor and Big E follows.

Big E sends Theory back into the ring and Big E is clipped by Rollins when the referee does not see it.  Theory with a rolling blockbuster and Owens throws Rollins into the ring.  Owens and Rollins argue and Theory watches them argue while Big E stands behind him.  Big E with a Big Ending for the three count.

Winner:  Big E (retains Championship)

After the match, Rollins and Owens push each other and Big E attacks both of them and sends Rollins over the announce table.  Big E sends Owens into the ring but Owens goes to the floor.  Rollins tries to attack Big E but Big E avoids it and hits the Big Ending.

We go to credits.

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