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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-18 21:23:00

WWE has started calling talents within the last hour and releasing them. can confirm the following releases:

*Tegan Knox.

*Drake Maverick.

*John Morrison.

*Jaxson Ryker.

*Shane Thorne aka Slapjack.

*All three members of Hit Row - Ashante Thee Adonis, Isaiah Scott and Top Dolla have also been released.

Talents were told the releases were all due to budget cuts. 

With the exception of Morrison, all were Paul Levesque hires and/or projects at different points.


As of this writing, there were no NXT brand releases.

John Morrison's wife, the former Franky Monet, took to Twitter to write, "Yooooo F***KKKKK them."

Drake Maverick posted the following video:


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