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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-27 13:53:00

Major League Wrestling has released the following talents, has confirmed:

*Bu Ku Dao - The New Orleans talent was signed in late 2020 and made several appearances for the company, initially aligned with TJP.  He did not appear at the last MLW event.  Dao at one point had been signed to a WWE developmental talent before it was rescinded.

*Beastman - The Chicago talent had just debuted at MLW's Fightland taping.

*Leo Brien - Brien was signed in February 2021 and touted as being one of the business' best kept secrets at the time by MLW President Court Bauer.  He had previously appeared as one half of the Dirty Blondes.

While MLW has not publicly announced the releases, has learned that the roster is being cut as part of an edict by Bauer to shorten the MLW events. reported the following on 10/12:

There was unhappiness within the promotion about the length of the Fightland taping, as they had 15 matches.  Court Bauer has already decreed that will not be happening again.  They had a lot of content they needed to tape but the belief is the company has gotten into a bad habit of having too much on the shows and burning out the live crowd.  The plan is to try and keep things to a three hour run-time going forward, even if that means less matches or talents booked per show.

With the promotion now opting to produce a smaller taping in terms of content, that left MLW in a situation where they had more talents than they could conceivably use.  Rather than lock talent up and not use them, the decision was made to release them from their contractual obligations.    

There may have been additional releases, but as of this writing, has only confirmed the three aforementioned talents.

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