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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-04 13:34:00

Due to the nature of the WWE Draft edition of Raw, WWE is being extremely secretive about tonight's script, to the point that just like Smackdown, many who by now are usually aware of the initial plans for the show are completely in the dark as of this writing.

Also in the dark over the weekend were many of the talents who were announced as shifting brands when Talking Smack premiered on Saturday.  We have heard from several who claimed they learned after the moves hit social media.  In speaking to one WWE source, they defended the company, noting that the moves won't take effect for several weeks, so it wasn't as if someone "found out on Saturday they were now traveling to Raw at the last second."

There has been some talk about WALTER being utilized more beyond NXT UK of late.  One source told over the weekend he was in the United States currently, so it should be interesting to see if his name comes up during the Draft tonight.

With Bianca Belair going to Raw, one would think at least Montez Ford would also be Raw-bound.

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