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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-01 23:19:00

The talents who were announced as shifting brands tonight were told shortly before the announcements were made, so there were no surprises in terms of talents not being unaware by the time the show went on the air.

Brock Lesnar's backstage promo where he ran Jeff Hardy off and declared that he was a free agent was pre-taped.  We are told Lesnar left the arena right after his in-ring segment with Roman Reigns to head home.  There is an expectation among some that he'll be on Raw Monday, but we haven't 100% confirmed that.

Hit Row's Top Dolla defeated Cedric Alexander in a dark match before they went on the air.

A ton of WWE talents were hitting Jimmy's Seafood before and after the taping.

WWE referee Jessica Carr noted on her social media that tonight was the first time she got to work in the Royal Farms Arena for WWE, the same venue she first started to attend shows at:


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