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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-17 17:23:00

The fallout of last night's Dark Side of the Ring episode on "The Plane Ride from Hell" has continued, has exclusively confirm.

The Car Shield commercial campaign featuring the WWE Hall of Famer as the star of a number off spots for the brand has been "paused."

A spokesperson for Intermedia, the advertising agency which handles Car Shield's commercials told

"We take these matters very seriously.  As of right now, we are pausing the campaign and we will do our due diligence." is also told there is currently no timetable for the spots to return to the airwaves and that the commercial will soon disappear pending additional investigation and decisions.

In the documentary, a flight attendant on the 2002 WWE "Plane Ride from Hell" from London to the United States stated that Ric Flair, naked with the exception of his robe, cornered her in the galley of the plane, making unwanted advances towards her. 

In the past, Flair has denied all allegations and as recently as several days ago, told Renee Young on her podcast, " God, I’ve heard about it too. Just when things are going good for me.  Listen, you [Renee Paquette] put me on your podcast after. We’ll see how it plays out, because I was there and I don’t care whose name I gotta drop if the heat falls on me. I know who was where and what and who and what took place. I know the whole story."

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