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By Mike Johnson on 2021-08-24 12:15:00

WWE sources have confirmed that Adam Cole has departed the company.

It is not a case of Cole having signed a new deal for the main roster and being hidden until his debut.  If he comes to terms with WWE at a later time, obviously he could return.

Now, could Cole be AEW-bound?  That is certainly a possibility but if so, AEW is going to play coy and hide that until they are ready to debut him. 

A few readers have pointed out that during his debut on Rampage this past Friday, CM Punk had the initials "A.C." written on one sneaker and on the other was "C.F."  Could the A.C. stand for Adam Cole?  Certainly could be a possibility....

Update 1:09 PM EST: The initial post listed Cole as a "100% free agent."  He still has several days on his deal to go, but internally, WWE considers him done with the company.

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