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By Paul Jordan on 2021-07-18 09:20:00

Paul Heyman posted the following statement on Instagram


A post shared by Paul Heyman (@paulheyman)

Last night was the first time @WWE #Smackdown was presented in front of LIVE audience since the start of the Era of the #TribalChief, and it all re-affirmed where #UniversalHeavyweightChampion @romanreigns stands right now, which is head and shoulders above anyone else .. above their connection to the crowd ... above anyone else's ability to raise the temperature in the room that's already boiling over.

To be blunt, this is a most pivotal run in the chronicles of World Wrestling Entertainment. #RomanReigns has upped the levels of what an absolute top superstar in #WWE can deliver. And ... here's the best part ... we're just getting started!

Welcome back to the #WWEUniverse.

With Respect,
The Island of Relevancy Tourism Board
Witness History Unfold in Front of Your Very Eyes

To which MVP replied:

In the comments of the post, MVP had this to say, "While I both understand and respect the praise you heap on your associate, I strongly disagree with your assessment. Primarily the "anyone else" part. I know a guy. An All Mighty one..."



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