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By Mike Johnson on 2021-07-12 10:05:00

For those who have asked what the deal is with WWE Network pulling programming so often lately, has been told it is a result of changes in strategy and rollout for original content on the streaming service as it adjusts to its new place in the WWE hierarchy under the TV department.

We are told part of the issue was that with changes made internally to divisions that were folded into each other, there was previously set schedule that was set to roll out and with so many people in new positions learning the ropes, there's been some growing pains.  

One source noted that internally, things are much better off than the recent yanked shows would make it appear from the outside and that they believed the reshuffling of existing plans will end up being a long-term positive but not all the ducks were in the same row of late.

We are told there should be a new date announced on the Kevin Nash appearance on Broken Skull Sessions, which is edited and in the can. 

There is no concrete word on the future debut of the Lex Luger: Icons documentary but it is still scheduled to air as it has been completed as the company wanted a stronger lead-in for it, which to me, sounds like a PPV weekend. is told, however, that the planned WWE Untold: The Nexus documentary is currently shelved and there's no additional work currently being done on it.  There were other projects planned but now paused and some other content is starting to be worked on again.

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