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By Mike Johnson on 2021-06-18 10:30:00

There has been some contact with high profile talents with the idea of bringing some in for when Major League Wrestling kicks off a new "season" this Fall (which would be the 9/11 event in Dallas, Texas.)  We've been told there's been some contact with Braun Strowman's representatives but whether it goes anywhere remains to be seen.

MLW Champion Jacob Fatu is said to have lost another 20-25 lbs. and is the best shape of his career.

Major League Wrestling is filming Azteca Underground vignettes material in Los Angeles today on set with Cesar Duran (the former Dario Cueto) and are scheduled to begin filming their Azteca Underground this Fall.  The plan is to maintain the cinematic feel to the content but without the over the top science fiction/fantasy aspect that saw seen on Lucha Underground when it aired on the El Rey Network.  The idea is that you'll need to suspend your disbelief with the content but it was be more grounded and gritty in terms of a lucha presentation and experience.

The MLW Carribean Championship will be sticking around.  The belt, which is actually an IWA Puerto Rico Championship, will be presented in a way to acknowledge and lean into the history of Puerto Rico as a brawling, violent territory.  So, the idea as we understand it is what this will become something of a hardcore championship going forward without the silliness of what WWE did with that version of the belt or today's 24/7 title.  So, if you like old school brawling, that's where MLW is going with this thing.  King (Mil) Muertes will be challenging Richard Holliday for the title on 7/10 in Philadelphia.

A GoFundMe is still going for MLW's PR representative Tom George, who was sadly diagnosed with a brain tumor back in May.  You can assist George (who has been nothing short of wonderful to deal with over the years - he was setting up interviews with just weeks ago from his hospital bed, so that's the level of his work ethic) and his family at this link.  Everyone at hopes for Tom's recovery and wish him and his wife all the best.

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