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By Mike Johnson on 2021-06-01 09:45:00

World Wrestling Entertainment began informing members of the talent roster at yesterday’s Monday Night Raw taping that they will be expected to come to the WWE Performance Center over the forthcoming weeks to take part in workouts in the ring to better prepare them for the company’s official return to the road in July. is told that the workouts could begin as early as next week with talents taking part in drills and perhaps even matches in order to make sure their ring work is sharper.    This is believed to be a Vince McMahon edict.

The workouts would take place on days talents aren’t booked for TV tapings.    

In speaking to some talents overnight, was told by a number that they were looking forward to trying to get their timing and in-ring work “back to normal” after over a year of working once a week and that to the average person watching, there may not have been any noticeable changes but among talents who “know better” from being inside the ring, there were quite a few who felt their timing had been a little "off" for some time.

Based on those have spoken with is that everyone on the roster, from top names on down, will be asked to take part in the workouts.    One talent joked they weren’t thrilled about having to roll around in the ring on an “off day” but that if this brought the company closer to getting back to normal, pre-pandemic touring and work, they were all for it.

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