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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-12 10:00:00

Could you see Big E cashing in in his position as IC champ being the number one contender, like Shawn Michaels did, to get a title shot at Wrestlemania?  He’s easily the best contender for Roman Reigns right now and should have win the Royal Rumble.

WWE usually doesn't go that route with the Intercontinental Champions but there's always a chance.  I don't see that being where they go, however.

Do you think Dwayne Johnson will ever have one more match in his lifetime? Likely or unlikely?

Unless he ends up so busy where taking part in a match for a Wrestlemania could potentially destroy an entire large scale film project, I would think we'll see at least one more Rock match.  I don't think he wants his last bout to be the second Cena match where he was hurt.  I look at Roman Reigns and the idea of Roman taking on and beating Rock seems like the perfect last moment for Rock, but we will see.

What happened to Fandango?

He's in NXT, teaming with Tyler Breeze!

Do you think WWE will ever revive the old Wildcat Willie WCW mascot?

I guess they could use him for something like AXXESS but as a character or a regular feature on the live events?  I don't see it.

Could Bautista return for Wrestlemania?

He's in Australia filming the new Thor film and he's retired.  I don't see that happening, not as a big part of Mania.

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