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By Mike Johnson on 2021-01-11 19:55:00

I spoke with Les Thatcher yesterday for about 30 minutes via telephone and he is slated to remained quarantined until at least 1/15.   He was actually ordered to the ER when he was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia, but opted to remain home and fight it out.    He has been quarantined ten days as of this writing and he noted the first eight days were among the hardest he's ever dealt with from an illlness standpoint.

Les asked me to pass on that he was feeling much better yesterday but has some ways to go.    He has been extremely touched by everyone that has reached out to him via email and social media.   If you'd like to leave Les well wishes, you can find his official Facebook page at

Les has held just about every position imaginable in professional wrestling, first breaking in the buisness in 1960 and since retiring, has worked as a trainer, booker, television broadcaster, producer and just about every other position you can imagine.  He is very much a national treasure in this industry, having worked with and for just about every major promotion, including publishing the very first WWF Magazine.  There is not one Hall of Fame that Thatcher wouldn't be qualified for a dozen times over and if I am going to be frank, it's garbage he's not already in every single one.

We wish Les all the best, pray for his health and look forward to his return here on  We love him and are hoping for the best.

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