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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-25 12:04:00

Since we had a few people ask about The Undertaker Farewell segment at Survivor Series, that was all Vince McMahon, who was hands on with that segment all day.  Triple H is also likely to have had some input as well.

In an update on our Survivor Series production notes from Monday AM, Chris Park aka Abyss handled the WWE 24/7 segments.  

In a correction from the original post, I inadvertantly forgot to mention that Adam Pearce and Park produced the Men's Elimination Match.

One story that has made the rounds the last 48 hours is that the ten count during The Hurt Business vs. New Day on Raw was a legitimate count and that WWE had to scramble during the commercial break to decide how to get the match restarted by the time they came back on the air.  The ten count happened, we are told, because there has been a renewed push on enforcing the rules of the matches as if they are legitimate.

Brian Kendrick of late has been working as a Producer for the WWE NXT brand.

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