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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-23 12:50:00

Add Pam Murrin, who held the position of WWE Senior Vice President for Data Strategy to the list of executives who departed the company last week.

In her position, Murrin was "Leading evolution of WWE's data analytics practice for all lines of business", according to her LinkedIn Profile.  Murrin had been with the company since March 2016.

One source pointed to the recent departures as likely being brought on, in part due to the changing of the guard as the new executive team has replaced former WWE Co-Presidents George Barrios and Michelle Wilson.   

In the case of Murrin, the source pointed out that Vince McMahon on financial calls has distanced the company from the importance of analytics and data following the exit of Barrios in particular.  Barrios had strongly championed that the data they were mining from WWE Network and other revenue streams would help evolve the company towards the future.   It makes sense the new team is going to build their own infrastructure.

Prior to WWE, Murrin had been with Time Warner, American Express, and HBO.

Other recent WWE Executive exits include:

Mark Kowal

John Brody

Brian Nurse

There may have still been additional exits, but has yet to confirm them.

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