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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-14 22:44:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Impact Wrestling's Turning Point 2020!

Eddie Edwards vs. Shawn Daivari

They went back and forth on the mat, with Edwards working over Daivari with a headlock.  Daivari made a comeback with a neckbreaker.  Daivari worked over Edwards on the floor, sending him into the ring steps on the floor.  Daivari worked over Edwards and whipped him into the barricade.  Edwards made a comeback and nailed a backpack stunner for a two count.  Edwards ascended to the top but was crotched by Daivari.  Daivari acts a little too cocky, slapping Edwards, which fired up Eddie who made a comeback.  He goes for the Boston Knee Party but Daivari ducks and rolled him up for a two count.    The referee catches Daivari using his feet on the ropes and stops him.  Daivari argues with him, allowing Edwards to nail the Boston Knee Party for the pin.

Jordynne Grace & Tenille Dashwood vs. Taya & Rosemary

The storyline is that Grace and Dashwood are trying to get along as they each need a partner for the Knockouts Tag Team title tournament.

Dashwood was busy taking photos when Rosemary nailed her.  Dashwood retreated, leaving Grace to battle.  Grace battled both Rosemary and Taya but was overwhelmed by the numbers game.  She scored several two counts on Rosemary but Taya kept making the save.  Grace makes a comeback and nailed a series of suplexes.  Grace nailed a powerbomb but Dashwood blind tagged herself in and scored a two count. Grace tagged back in but is against worked over.  Grace tried to make the tag but Dashwood was taking selfies, leaving Grace to be worked over and pinned.

Your winners, Rosemary and Taya!

Backstage, Cody Deaner is still angry jhe lost to Johnny Swinger on Impact on AXS.  He complains that Cousin Jake wasn't having his back.  Jake says they will go find Swinger right now and they off they go.

Swoggle vs. Brian Myers

Myers demanded Swoggle lay down and let himself get pinned.  Swoggle says he belongs here and won't do it.  He kicks and nails Myers with a DDT.  <yers rolls to the floor but is hit with a dive off the apron.  Myers catches him and slammed him on the apron.  He kicks Swoggle to the floor.  Swoggle is nearly counted out but makes it back in at the last second.  Myers attacked him as he returned and began working over Swoggle.  Swoggle gets a few hope spots in but is getting wiped out.   Swoggle comes back, finally with a back suplex and nailed a two count.  Swoggle goes to the top but is nailed with an enziguiri.  Myers goes for a superplex but Swoggle takes a bite out of grime.  Myers crashed to the mat and was hith with a frogsplash for a two count.  Myers finally scored a big lariat for the pin.

Your winner, Brian Myers!

Myers continued beating on Swoggle until Crazzy Steve made the save.

Chris Sabin & James Storm vs. Team XXXL

Sabin's speed wards off Larry D early on.  Sabin nailed a series of strikes and kicks.  James Storm tags in and nailed a neckbreaker.   Sabin and Storm double-teamed D.  Romero tagged in but is cut off by Storm, who wallops him with a pair of lariats.   Sabin worked over Romero for some time but is cut off and double-teamed for a long time.  Sabin battled back but keeps getting cut off.  Romero misses an attempted Banzai Drop.   Sabin tried to make the tag but Larry D stopped him.  Storm tried to fight his way into the ring but was stopped by the referee.  Sabin is worked over but finally made the tag.  Storm cleaned house with a series of punches and neckbreakers.  Romero was taken out with a high cross bodyblock off the top, then tries to nail Larry with several strikes and kicks.    Storm nailed a dive, followed by Sabin, and everyone goes down in a pile.  Acey wipes Sabin out with a slam and nailed a back senton splash for a two count.  Sabin and Storm make the comeback and nail stereo superkicks for the pin.

Your winners, James Storm & Chris Sabin!

The Deaner, looking for Johnny Swinger, discover there is a gun hidden in his fanny pack.

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