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By Mike Johnson on 2020-10-20 22:38:00

Earlier today, Trey Miguel sat down with to discuss this Saturday's Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory PPV, where he'll be competing in the  X-Divison Championship Scramble Match.  During our discussion, Trey discussed what it means for him to have Impact Wrestling investing in him after working so hard for 12 years to get to the national level.  Transcription by Billy Krotchsen.

Mike Johnson: When you see that the company is focusing on you and giving you these opportunities, what does that do for your confidence as a wrestler? Obviously, all competitors have to have a great level of confidence to go out and perform, but when you see that they are literally putting you into the mix and they're building entire episodes around you and they're building up to big moments for you - as a competitor, as a performer, what does that do for your confidence? What does that do for your personal self esteem, your morale heading into work every week? What does that mean to you on a personal level?

Trey: It means a lot because personally, I don't give into any hype ever. Social media seems to feed a lot of people's egos, it seems to be what boosts a lot of people's confidence, where they gain it through and I just...sometimes I don't really take a big enough look at the reach and the influence that I actually have sometimes and it's really cool to see stuff like that when you look at it like, "Wow, people are actually getting behind us" and when you see it backed up by the company you work for too it's like, "Wow, they see the hard work that I'm putting in and that I'm here to better the product too" and that they trust you and they invest - it means a whole lot, especially since I still live in Toledo, Ohio, the hometown I was born and raised in. I go day to day just being Trey. I'm not Trey from the Rascalz or on Impact or anything like that to anyone that's in my circle. So that keeps me really humble and grounded...I believe it does and it's really cool when you think about it, like "Wow there are episodes built around me and they're putting me in main event pictures and I'm gunning for big things and showing good face doing it." It's crazy.

Mike Johnson: When you get to work and you see that this is the concept of what they want to do this week and that they want to build around you and they want to make sure they're giving you the rub so that there's a yield to the long term investment in you, do you get nervous about it? Does it help or is there a pressure to it for you?

Trey: Man I looked around like "You mofos are crazy." [laughs] I'm a kid from Toledo, Ohio. I live in the armpit of the United States, like what are you doing? [laughs] I mean if y'all are pushing me, I'm here to do it. I'm here for it, that's what I wanted, you know what I mean? It's real crazy and weird when you end up in that position because in the back of your mind, you feel like you'll never get there, I mean I've been wrestling for 12 years now, you know, it's been a long time coming. I mean, before I got signed it was like, "Man, this is just never going to happen", and now I wake up to notifications from Impact and emails from executives and I'm like "Man, this is just wild," and it circles back to "You mofos are crazy, do you know who I am?" [laughs]

The complete conversation can be heard now at as part of Bound for Glory week!

Rich Swann, Heath Miller, Rohit Raju, EC3, Havok and Larry D will be sitting down with as we continue to build to Saturday's Bound for Glory PPV!

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