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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-10-16 21:59:00

We are back and we see Brie and Birdie in the Thunderdome.

Daniel says he watched it from home, but being here and seeing the faces of the WWE Universe . . . I love being in the THUNDERDOME, especially for the season premiere.  Daniel says he loved his time at home and he says hello to Brie and Birdie.  He says he could not wait to come back.  We have the Street Profits defending the tag titles.  We have Roman Reigns defending the Universal Championship.  I got to meet the new mix that is going to be here for the next year on Smackdown.

There are some fresh faces his is excited to see on Smackdown.  Like Bianca Belair and the Riott Squad.  People he is excited to get into the ring wtih like Kevin Owens, Alesiter Black, and Apollo Crews.  

Seth Rollins interrupts Daniel.

Seth says he is excited that Brie let Daniel have a night off watching the kids to be on Smackdown.  He says that Daniel must have babies on the brain for him to forget to mention Seth Rollins.  Seth says he has an important question for Daniel.  Which side of history would you like to be on?  When it comes to the greater good, either you are with me or against me.  You want to be by my side to help mold the brand, what is your choice.

Daniel says he is about changing the future for the better, but to be quite honest, your vision seems a little short sighted, self indulgent, self-centered, and kind of dumb.

Seth says Daniel doesn't mean that.

Daniel says it is dumb.  

Seth punches Bryan and kicks him.  Bryan with a flying clothesline.  Bryan with kicks and Seth goes to the floor.

Rey Mysterio's music plays and Rey and Dominik Mysterio make their way to the ring to stop Seth's exit.  Seth backs into the ring and Seth wants Daniel to work with him.

Daniel leaves the ring because he doesn't like Seth.

Buddy Murphy makes his way to the ring to stand between the Mysterios and Seth Rollins.  Buddy stands beside Seth but it is a trap and he takes Seth down.

Murphy stands in the ring with Dominik and Rey.  Buddy offers his hand to Rey and then to Dominik but Dominik walks away and goes to the apron.  Rey backs away from Buddy as well.

Match Number Three:  Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins versus Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode for the Smackdown Tag Titles

Dawkins and Ziggler start things off and Dawkins with a side head lock and drop kick.  Dawkins misses a twisting splash into the corner and Roode tags in.  Roode kicks Dawkins and hits a suplex and gets a near fall.  Roode knocks Ford off the apron.  Roode with a gourdbuster and Ziggler tags in and he hits an alley oop Fameasser for a near fall.  Ford punches Ziggler and Roode goes after Ford and the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest (Street Profits retain)

After the match, Montez is sent to the floor and then Roode and Ziggler work over Dawkins and they hit a Zig Zag and Spinebuster combination.

Ford with a cross body onto Ziggler and Roode.

We take a look at last week's Smackdown Women's Championship Match between Bayley and Sasha Banks.


Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring.

We are back and Bayley makes her way to the ring with her chair.  

Adam Pearce is the official moderator of the contract signing.  He says they know what is at stake.  Sasha will sign first.

Sasha signs the contract and she says she has been waiting for this moment for a long time.  Bayley says she has too because of all of the baggage she is carrying.  She wants to get back to being the longest reigning champion, something she did all by herself.

Sasha asks Bayley if that is the lie she is going to run with.  Bayley says that Sasha is vindictive and that look in her eyes is the way she was looking at the title.  Bayley says she beat Sasha to the punch to turn on her.  

Sasha says if she wanted to turn on her, she would have done it years ago.  Friends don't turn their backs on each other.  When you were left behind in NXT, who was the first to call you?  I was there to help you win your first Raw women's championship.  What about the tag titles?  Congratulations on being the longest reigning Smackdown women's champion of all time, but remember who helped you each time.  It was me.  You tried to end my career.  At Hell in a Cell, I am going to end you.  My name is bigger than your title.  When I walk out of Hell in a Cell with your Women's Championship, that will be the icing on the cake.

Sasha tells Bayley to sign the contract and Bayley walks away without signing but he does take her chair.

Sasha calls Bayley a coward.  When you are locked in Hell in a Cell, there will be nowhere to run.  You will be signing this contract one way or another.

We go to commercial.

We see Jey Uso watching from the Gorilla Position.

Match Number Four:  Braun Strowman versus Roman Reigns (with Paul Heyman) for the Universal Championship

They lock up and Roman sends Braun to the floor.  Roman with a Superman punch to knock Braun off the apron.  Roman goes to the floor and hits a Drive By.  Roman gets a near fall.  Roman with punches in the corner followed by a head butt.  Braun with an Irish whip and he runs into an uppercut.  Roman with a boot to the head.  Roman gets a near fall.  Strowman charges at Roman and Roman drops down and Braun goes over the top rope to the floor.  Roman sends Braun into the ring steps.  

Roman returns to the ring to break the count and he goes back to the floor.  Roman slams Braun's head into the announce table.  Braun with a knee to Roman.  Roman comes off the ring steps and Braun catches Roman and sends him over the announce table.  Braun gets back into the ring.  Braun goes to the floor and sends Roman over the ringside barrier with a shoulder tackle as we go to commercial.

We ar back and Strowman biels Roman across the ring.  Braun with a forearm across the chest for a near fall.  Roman gets a boot up for Braun in the corner and then Braun goes shoulder first into the ring post.  Braun grabs Roman by the throat on a Superman punch attempt.  Braun with a power bomb.  Braun with a choke slam for a near fall but Roman's kick out includes a forearm to the ding ding.  Roman with a spear for a near fall.  

Roman sets for another spear and Braun gets Roman up but Roman avoids the power slam.  Roman sends Braun into the turnbuckles and applies a guillotine but Braun runs Roman into the turnbuckles.  Roman holds on to the guillotine.  Braun taps out.

Winner:  Roman Reigns (retains Championship)

After the match, Jey Uso's music plays and he makes his way to the stage.

Roman looks at Jey and then looks at Braun in the ring and Roman with another spear.

Roman tells Jey to get his ass down here while Braun gasps for air.

Jey makes his way to the ring and Roman is handed a chair by Paul Heyman.

Roman tells Jey this is how we eat and take care of generations of our family.  If I am not on top, I cannot do this.  I am giving you one more chance.  If I can do this to Braun, imagine what I can do to you.

Roman hits Braun many times with the chair as the referees come to the ring to tell Roman to stop.

Roman pushes the officisl down and Jamie Noble knows better than to get in the ring. 

Roman hits Braun more with the chair.

Jey gets in the ring and Roman drops the chair.

Roman says he wants Jey to understand that he embarrased him once and he needs to prove himself.  The fact that you are trying to be on the same level as me makes no sense.  I still love you.  Prove it and swing the chair to prove you are family.  Roman kicks the chair to Jey.  Roman turns his back on Jey and Jey picks up the chair.  Jey tosses the chair down to the mat and Roman smiles.  Jey punches Roman and Jey with a super kick.  Jey grabs the chair and hits Roman in the back as he tells him that he loves Roman.  Jey is held back by officials while Roman hits Jey with a Superman punch.

Roman says that is your last chance.

We go to credits.


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