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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-08 08:39:00

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood returned to TV with new, original in-ring content this past weekend, airing nationally on YouToo America (YTA) as well as the Z Channel and other markets via local syndication.

The episodes were taped in an empty arena format and were the first episodes under new booker Aron Stevens aka the former Damian Sandow in WWE.

The episode was more of a traditional, episodic style format with storyline vignettes and outside of the ring interviews conducted by Jon Roberts helping to move storylines forward.  Previously, CWH had been a series of bouts and some interviews leading to those matches but episodically, there wasn't as much of a strong narrative from week to week and this reboot of sorts appeared to change that old formula up somewhat.

The main story of the episode ran across the hour, seeing Ray Rosas upset Watts (Erik Watts, who competed on Tough Enough years ago) to win the Hollywood Heritage Championship, hitting the ring after Watts offered an open challenge to anyone in the back, running past Anthony Idol (very underrated 80s style promos) to steal the match.  Watts was so stunned by the lost he threw a temper tantrum, throwing things around as he exited the building. 

The storyline of the res tof the show was that Rosas' partners in Static (UWN Tag Team Champions Adrian Quest & Uptown Andy Brown) weren't happy that he was thinking of himself over the trio.  Rosas is also the Arizona State Champion and won the promotion's Percy Pringle Memorial Cup earlier this year.  All of this led to the announced main event, which saw Static in six man tag team match against the team of Clark Connors & Danny Rivera & Will Allday.  Allday is a Booker T student from Texas who will be getting featured on the UWN Primetime Live and he scored the pin over Rosas.  Connors has been working for New Japan's recent California-based TV.    In the end, Static turned on Rosa, beating him down and laying him out over his title belts, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger angle.

United TV Champion Dan Joseph (who had been co-hosting the promotion's Best of episodes of late) defended his title, showing some nice babyface energy in defeating EJ Sparks.  Sparks, billed as "Phoenix's favorite son" has been putting in the work during the pandemic and looked to be in tremendous shape.   He's certainly on the rise based on matches I've seen of him of late.  This bout was the longest thing on the episode and was easily the best match bell to bell on the return episode.  They worked a methodical style early, laid out with an old school build before going to submissions and stiff shots.  Both looked very good here. 

Papo Esco debuted, playing a 80s monster heel, winning a squash over Frankie Frank.  Esco billed himself a "King Fat Boy."  The Friendship Farm, featuring Jervis Cottonbelly and Sweet Robby Shaw, also won a quick match.    Cottonbelly is billed as the World's Sweetest Man.  

There was also a segment where CWH owner Dave Marquez got into it with his "son", matchmaker Niko Marquez with Niko pretty much playing the role of a delusional moron with inferences about how people were wearing masks and that it was ridiculous while also complaining about the usage of women in the promotion.  This led to Halston Boddy stepping up confront Niko to tease something down the line there.  Dave Marquez is tremendous as a ham on camera playing the Lance Russell role of being an interview exasperated at the ridiculous comments.

The UWN Primetime Live PPV debut was pushed heavily on the show.

Scheduled for this weekend's CWH TV:

*CWH Hollywood Heritage Champion Ray Rosas vs. Will Allday, playing off Allday pinning him this week.

*Danny "Limelight" Rivera vs. Boogie Slice with the idea it's a NYC battle of Brooklyn vs. Queens.

*Vipress vs. Cece Channel.

*Clark Connors is in singles action.

*4 Minutes of Heat vs. Friendship Farm.

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