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By Mike Johnson on 2020-08-31 12:42:00

After making his return to WWE NXT as an announcer last week, Stu Bennett aka Wade Barrett met with WWE officials and is currently negotiating a full-time return to the company as an announcer, has confirmed.

Bennett appeared on this past Wednesday's edition of WWE NXT and will appear as well on tomorrow's episode.  Those appearances were pretty much a "feeling out" process to see if the two sides were interested in working together going forward.

There had been WWE interest in Bennett dating back to early 2020 as an announcer.  We are told that if the two sides come to terms, it would be for Bennett to announce, not return as a full-time in-ring performer.  There was talk over the last few days that Bennett could perhaps be plugged into NXT UK as an announcer.

Bennett, 40, won the first season of WWE NXT and had a long run with the company, departing in 2016, last wrestling in April of that year.  Since then, he has focused mostly on acting and hosting endeavors, starring in the I Am Vengeance films as well as Netflix's Beastmaster, but has made non-wrestling appearances for ITV's World of Sport Wrestling in Great Britain.

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