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By Mike Johnson on 2020-07-24 10:00:00

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Tammy Sytch has now been arrested 10-15 times now, so when does WWE remove her from the WWE Hall of Fame?

I can understand why you believe she should be, but I don't believe she will.  It's not like the company is exploiting her name to make money.  She's part of their history and can be part of their Hall of Fame.  It doesn't make a difference.  If, heaven forbid, she is charged with something far more serious, that's another story.

You are the big Madison Square Garden guy on, so do you think the annual 12/26 WWE event will take place this year?

I do not.  My guess is we don't see WWE trying to tour until next year at the earliest.  It will be the end of a really awesome tradition, but there are far more important issues right now.

Whatever happened to the documentary on David Arquette wrestling again?

COVID-19 shut down the entertainment industry, so it never made its official debut.  It has a distribution deal, but since they are (as of now) holding out for something larger than just a digital release, it's on hold waiting to be released.

Did the E. in Paul E Dangerously stand for anything?

Although he used to say in ECW promos that the "E stands for Extreme", it was likely just a play on the nickname given to him when he was younger by Freddie Blassie and others when he was a teenage photographer, Paulie.


Why didn't Bob Backlund have a longer run with the WWE Title in 1994? I just watched Survivor Series 1994 a few nights ago on the WWE Network and between his great match with Bret Hart and his awesome promo later in the night, it's obvious some steam was still left in the character. Don't you feel that he should have been able to hold the belt longer than a few days?

Backlund was always planned to be a short-term titleholder, although the decision to go with Diesel at the time was a last minute planned attempt to recreate Hulk Hogan's defeat of the Iron Sheik in 1984, which set WWF on fire nationally. I do think there was steam left in the character, but Backlund hadn't drawn on the house shows prior to winning the belt, so WWF likely felt he wouldn't have been strong at the central character in the promotion.

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