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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-06-29 22:59:00

Match Number Five:  BIg Show versus Andrade and Angel Garza (with Zelina Vega)

Andrade and Garza discuss who starts the match and they go to the floor but they expected the other to stay in the ring.  They go back into the ring but Andrade goes back to the floor so Garza gets chopped by Show.  Show with a head butt.  Show chops Garza and then he sends Garza to the floor.  Andrade tells Garza to get back into the ring.  Garza returns to the ring and he goes back to the floor.  Garza returns to the ring and tags in Andrade.  Andrade with a waist lock but he cannot get Show off his feet.  Show uses his rear end to send Andrade into the corner.  Show with a chop and Andrade falls to the mat and rolls to the floor.  Show picks up Andrade by the hair and then biels him back into the ring.

Show slams Andrade.  Show walks across the chest.  Andrade with punches and Show with a head butt.  Show with another head butt and Garza is tagged back in.  Garza wants Show to stay in the corner and Show chops Garza in the corner.  Show with an Irish whip and Garza drop kicks Show in the knee and Show hits the turnbuckles.  Garza with kicks and a super kick.  Garza with more kicks and Andrade tags himself in.  Garza stops Andrade for a moment and Andrade kicks Show.  Garza leaves the ring.  Garza tells Andrade that this is your moment.  

Show is back on his feet and Andrade turns around into a choke slam for the three count.

Winner:  Big Show

After the match, Show picks up Andrade and connects with a punch.

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet are talking to Apollo Crews and R Truth shows up.  R Truth says he finally got away from Tozawa and the ninjas . . . or did I?  

Cedric tells Truth he isn't a ninja.  Truth apologizes to Cedric the Entertainer.  He says he sees his favorite superhero Richard O'Shea.  Apollo tells Richard to go with it.  Apollo says it is tough to be a fighting champion and Truth tells them they have no idea.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bobby Lashley asks MVP to tell everyone why he is going to do this to Apollo Crews.

MVP says when he goes to his home in Miami, people ask how can they be like you.  He says that he can inspire people to be like him.  He says he has to be able to give back.  That is why he is helping Bobby find his limitless potential.  Some people take a heartfelt gesture and ignore it like Apollo Crews did.  When the longest reigning US Champion asks to mentor you, you accept it.

Apollo Crews' music interrupts and he says he never disrespected anyone, especially not MVP.  You are a self made man?  So am I.  Don't give me the speech about giving back, you would have listened the first time I turned you down but you kept pushing and pushing.  The only person you truly care about helping is yourself.

MVP says he admires that.  You didn't want me as your manager now you will know that you didn't want to be my enemy.

Match Number Six:  Apollo Crews versus Montel Vontavious Porter (with Bobby Lashley) in a Non Title Match

They lock up and MVP with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Crews goes for a drop kick but MVP holds on to the ropes.  Crews with a rana and drop kick.  Crews drops MVP behind him and Lashley pulls Porter to the floor.  Crews with a plancha onto Lashley and Porter sends Crews into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Porter with a top wrist lock but Crews with punches to escape.  Porter with a kick and he gets a near fall.  MVP gets another near fall and then he applies a seated abdominal stretch.  MVP with a knee drop and he gets a near fall.  Porter with elbows to Crews.  Porter with an Irish whip but he misses a Mafia Kick when Crews moves.  Crews with punches.  Crews with a clothesline in the corner followed by an Irish whip and Stinger Splash.  Crews with a spinebuster for a near fall.  Crews goes up top and Lashley distracts Crews and MVP knocks Crews off the ropes.  MVP with a Mafia kick and Fisherman's suplex for the three count.

Winner:  Montel Vontavious Porter

After the match, Crews attacks Porter and Lashley grabs Crews and applies the full nelson.  Referees come out and they pat Lashley's arms and he does not release the hold.  Ricochet and Cedric Alexander try to stop Lashley and it fails at first but eventually they get Lashley to release the hold.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven:  Ricochet (with Cedric Alexander)  versus Bobby Lashley (with Montel Vontavious Porter)

The match is joined in progress.  Ricochet with punches but Lashley with a leg sweep.  Lashley sends Ricochet to the apron and then connects with a forearm.  Lashley biels Ricochet back into the ring and Lashley with a running shoulder from shortstop in the corner.  Lashley with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall.  Lashley sends Ricochet to the floor and MVP with a hot shot onto the announce table.  Ricochet with punches but Lashley with a jumping Dominator for a near fall.  Lashley biels Ricochet across the ring.  

Ricochet goes to the floor and Alexander tries to check on Ricochet but Lashley forces Aleander back.  Lashley with a suplex and then he runs Ricochet into the ring post.  Lashley breaks the referee's count and goes back to the floor.  Ricochet falls down as Lashley sets for the spear.  Lashley waits for Ricochet to get up for the full nelson.  Ricochet blocks it and escapes.  Lashley goes over the top rope to the floor.  Ricochet comes off the apron but Lashley catches Ricochet.  Ricochet sends Lashley into the ring post and Ricochet rolls back into the ring.  Lashley gets back into the ring and Ricochet with a quebrada for a near fall.  Ricochet goes up top and Porter gets on the apron but Alexander stops him.

Ricochet leaps over Lashley and hits an enzuigiri and super kick.  Ricochet goes for a kick but Lashley blocks it and Lashley with a choke slam.  Lashley with the full nelson and Ricochet taps out.

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

After the match, Alexander checks on Ricochet and Lashley puts Cedric in the full nelson.

Dolph Ziggler is in the back with Sasha Banks and Bayley.  Dolph says he wants to get in Drew's head so he asks to be the player coach.  Sasha says that is so funny because when he was on their show, you were exposed for trying to get Mandy Rose.  Bayley tells Dolph not to screw it up for her.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Eight:  Drew McIntyre and Asuka versus Dolph Ziggler and Sasha Banks (with Bayley) in a Champions versus Challengers at Extreme Rules for the major Raw singles Titles Match

Before the match starts, Asuka and Sasha have a little dance off.

Drew and Dolph start things off and Dolph goes for the leg and Drew picks up Dolph and tosses him aside.  Dolph goes for the leg but Drew with a front face lock and he puts Dolph down gently.  Drew with a chop and Dolph goes down.  Drew sends Dolph into the turnbuckles and chops him again.  Dolph with an elbow and kick followed by a Fameasser for a near fall.  Drew sends Dolph into the corner and Sasha tags in so that means Asuka enters the match.  Sasha pushes Asuka and avoids a back fist.  Asuka with a shoulder tackle.  Asuka misses a hip attack in the corner when Sasha moves.  Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock but Dolph tries to get involved.  Drew chops Dolph and Asuka with kicks to Sasha.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dolph goes for a sleeper.  Drew with a snap mare and then he connects with a knee in the corner.  Drew with a chop.  Drew goes for the reverse Alabama Slam but Dolph counters with a victory roll for a near fall.  Ziggler with a hesitation DDT.  Sasha tags in and Asuka tags in and hits a drop kick followed by a pop up knee.  Asuka with a hip attack and thrust kick.  Asuka with a German suplex and running kick to the head for a near fall.  Sasha goes to the floor and Bayley distracts Asuka.  Sasha pulls Asuka off the apron and then hits Meteora for a near fall.  Sasha with punches.

Sasha gets another near fall.  Sasha with a rear chin lock.  Asuka with elbows and punches.  Sasha with an Irish whip and Asuka gets her feet up but Sasha puts Asuka on the turnbuckles and hits a double knee drop for a near fall.  Sasha with a sleeper but Asuka escapes the hold but Sasha with a surfboard.  Asuka with hips to escape.  Sasha with a kick but Asuka with a Codebreaker and both women are down.  Asuka and Sasha go for tags but that wouldn't help with working over a tired opponent.  Drew with a clothesline and overhead belly-to-belly throw.  Drew with another overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Drew goes up top and hits a chop to the top of the head.  

Drew sets for Future Shock but Dolph escapes.  Drew sends Dolph into the corner and Sasha tags in and Drew sends Dolph to the apron.  Sasha yells at Drew and Drew knocks Dolph off the apron.  Asuka comes up behind Sasha and hits a round kick to the temple for a near fall.  Dolph sends Drew into the ring post and Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock but Sasha with a rollup for a near fall.  Asuka misses a round kick and Saaha applies the Banks Statement.  Asuka escapes and applies the Asuka Lock and Sasha rolls over and gets the three count.

Winners:  Sasha Banks and Dolph Ziggler

We go to credits.

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