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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-27 20:03:00

Eric Ryan vs. Alex Colon

They faced off with tubes and battled with them, smashing them off each others' heads.    They battled outside to the floor.  Colon suplexed Ryan onto a shopping cart that was on its side.  Colon was placed against another cart and several tubes were leaned against him.  A second shopping cart was charged into him.  They savaged each other with weapons.  Colon went to the top and nailed a double stomp onto a board that had plastic forks on it and destroyed it for a two count.   A table was set up outside and they both crashed through it to the floor.  They are ravaging each other.    They exchanged punches.  Ryan nailed a tope holding a light tube to the outside, smashing it into Colon.

Colon and Ryan continued working over each other with tubes.  Ryan missed an Alabama Jam off the top.  Colon nailed a Code Red for a two count.  He smashed him with a tube.  Colon missed a top rope frog splash.  Ryan covered him for a two count.  Ryan set chairs in the center of the ring and placed tubes across them.  They battled to a platform above the ring post.  Ryan nailed a superplex through the ropes but Colon kicked up at ONE.  They fought back and forth with punches.  Ryan nailed a kick to the jay.

Ryan called for something to be brought to the ring.  A door with light tubes and coils of barbed wire were carried to the ring.  It was placed across two doors.  He smashed a tube across Colon's head.  They battled to the platform again, where Alex Colon nailed a Spanish Fly through the door for the pin.

Your winner, Alex Colon!

This was an insanely stiff, ridiculously violent bout.  Probably the best complete bout that streamed thus far.

The promotion announced that since the audience was so well behaved and followed the social distancing rules, they will not only be back 7/4, but 8/7 for the ICW Death Match Circus.  He promised clowns, freaks, little people, big people and Ultraviolence.  

John Wayne Murdoch vs. Shlak

Lots of weapons in the ring including an entire guard rail that as light tubes across it.  They began punching and chopping each other.  Shlak grabbed a glass pane and charged at JWM, shattering it upon collision,  They battled back and forth and throw tube contraptions at each other at the same time.  JWM picked up a trash can that was covered with tubes and smashed it into Shlak on the floor.  He ripped a broken tube into Shlak's face.  He tried to headbutt a gusset plate (which is used to hold pieces of a roof in place) into Shlak's forehead then smashed him with a can again.

Shlak fired back and began beating a gusset plate into JWM's forehead.    They battled around ringside.  Shlak blocked a powerbomb and backdropped JWM through some light tubes that were sitting across pieces of wood.  He ripped at JWM's forehead.  JWM came back to drill him with a chair to the mid-section.  Lots of blood as you might imagine.  They beat the hell out of each other, smashing tubes and headbutting each other.  It was ridiculous in the most gritty, evil way possible, like the cover of an old Fangoria magazine.  Gore galore.

JWM stalked Shlak around ringside.  They destroyed tubes and battered each other.  JWM began sticking him over and over in the guts with a broken tube.  They battled into the open trunk of someone's car and I hope to hell that was a planted car because if not, UGH.   They returned to the ring and continued assaulting each other.  Shlak smashed JWM through the guard rail light tubes contraption in the corner and THAT was only a two.  Oh, come on now!  A table was set up.  Shlak choked him out with a plastic bag a la Terry Funk and Ric Flair in 1989.

JWM was placed on the table.  Shlak came off the top with a flying elbow but only garnered a two count.  OH COME ON NOW.  JWM kicked out of a sit-down powerbomb as well.  They went right after each other with tubes.  Shlak was tripped into a chair and smashed with tubes.  Murdoch nailed a brainbuster onto the chair and the broken glass, scoring the pin.

Your winner, John Wayne Murdoch!

ICW NY No Holds Barred return on 7/4 back in Atlantic City on IWTV with:

*Eddie Kingston vs. Brett Ison.

*Matthew Justice vs. Casanova Valentine.

*Tim Donst vs. Eddie Only.

*Jeff King vs. John Wayne Murdoch.



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