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By Mike Johnson on 2020-06-27 20:03:00

Welcome to's live coverage of ICW NY: No Holds Barred "Death Match Drive-in" from Atlantic City, NJ!

Tonight's event is streaming live at www.IndependentWrestling.TV

The show is being held in a parking lot with fans watching from their cars and standing in general admission styles, wearing masks.  There are no turnbuckles, just ring posts.  There are no ropes, just chains around the ring.  There are a myriad of weapons around ringside.   There are no victories except referee stoppage and pinfall.  No submissions.  There are tires around the ring posts.

Larry Legend is your ring announcer.

Nick Gage vs. Casanova Valentine (with Riley Madison)

Gage drilled Valentines from behind during the ring announcements with a cluster of light tubes.  They went right to the floor, brawling on the parking lot concrete.  Valentine nailed him with a wooden stick.  He worked over Gage's back.  Gage grabbed a fan's cooler and nailed Valentine with it.    He broke another light tube over Valentine's back.  Gage worked him over with a thumbtack embedded plastic bat, drilling it into his arm over and over.

Valentine sat Gage in a chair and superkicked Gage in the face.  He grabbed Gage, who shoved him into the ring post.  Gage regained control when they returned to the ring.  He went execute a Facewash with a bundle of light tubes into Valentine's face but as he rebounded, Valentine smashed him in the face with the tubes.  That seemed to rock Gage, who kicked up at the last second.    Gage was hit with an overhead belly to belly suplex through a door that was set in the corner.  Valentine wrapped barbed wire around his fist and punched Gage, then raked it across the back of his bald head.

Gage fired back with chops and punches but was caught with a Black Hole Slam onto the broken glass scattered in the ring.  Valentine set up another door in the ring.  

As this happened, their stream and network crashed.  Stay tuned.

They took an intermission.  Nick Gage won his bout with Valentine, by the way.

While the stream was off, Dominic Garrini defeated Tony Deppen.  We are told the complete show will be available when IWTV uploads the replay.

We are back!

Reed Bentley vs. Akira

There is a light tube pyramid in the ring.  Someone has far more interesting quarantine hobbies than I do!

Bentley nailed Akira with a huge collection of light tubes.  Akira nailed several kicks but was drilled with another tube collection.   Akira choked him against one of the chains and nailed a series of kicks.  He went for a suplex but it was turned into a Jackhammer on the broke glass.  Teppen placed a  foreign object into Akira's head and headbutt it into him.

Akira made a comeback and nailed a similar object and drilled it into his head with a kick.  Bentley and Akira traded back suplexes.    Akira nailed a series of kicks to the chest.  Akira was sent into the chains and was caught upside in them, there Bentley kicked him through and to the floor.   Bentley ripped at him with an object, then through light tubes at him.    He walloped him across the back.  Akira fired back with chops.  

They battled around outside with Akira putting Bentley through several tables.  He covered Bentley on the remnants of the tables on the floor, but Bentley puts his should up.  Bentley handcuffed one of his hands and dragged him back to the ring.    Bentley fired back but was finally handcuffed behind his back.  Akira broke free and nailed an enziguiri to the back of the head.  Bentley slammed him through a light tube structure.   Akira went for a kick but Bentley nailed him.  He grabbed a light tube but Akira took his legs out from under him.  Reed falls forward and smashes the tube into his own face.

They continue battling. Akira is sent into the chains.  A door is set up across several chains in the corner.  Reed slammed Akira and then nailed a running DVDR through the door for the pin.

Your winner, Reed Bentley!

These guys beat the living hell out of each other.  I had never seen Akira before and was really impressed with him.

Matt Tremont vs. Brandon Kirk

Kirk cut a promo before the match.  Tremont worked him over and was 100% in control until a low blow.   Kirk stuck a fork in his head.  Tremont psyched himself up and nailed him over and over with tubes.  Tremont nailed a headbutt and hit a DVDR through a glass pane in the corner for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Tremont!

Short but sweet.  I am guessing the time for this had time cut to make up for the lost stream time.

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