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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-05-22 21:57:00

We are back and Charlotte with a reverse chin lock.  Charlotte with an Irish whip and chop.  Charlotte pulls Bayley into the corner and she sets for a moonsault but Bayley pulls Charlotte off the turnbuckles and Charlotte starts to limp.  Bayley runs into a knee.  Charlotte goes for a boot but she gets caught in the ropes and then Charlotte is kicked into the ring post.  Charlotte with a punch and she goes for a fallaway slam but Bayley escapes and sends Charlotte into the ringside barrier and then into the apron.

Bayley gets a near fall.  Bayley chokes Charlotte in the ropes.  Charlotte with an elbow and a rollup for a near fall.  Bayley with a reverse chin lock.  Charlotte with punches but Bayley with a knee.  Charlotte with a fallaway slam and both women are down.  Charlotte with forearms.  Bayley with shoulders in the corner but she charges into a back breaker and flatliner into the turnbuckles.  Charlotte goes up top and lands on her feet on a moonsault when Bayley moves.  Charlotte with a boot for a near fall.  Charlotte with kicks but Bayley with a cutter while Charlotte is in the ropes.

Bayley with a running knee into the corner.  Bayley goes for an elbow drop but Charlotte gets her feet up.  Charlotte with a Liontamer.  Bayley rolls through to counter into a near fall.  Charlotte hits the turnbuckles when Bayley moves out of the way.  Bayley goes up top again and hits the elbow drop for a near fall.  Bayley has something to say to Michael Cole and then she chops Charlotte.  Bayley with more chops.  Bayley goes for a figure four but Charlotte with a forearm.  Charlotte with chops.  Bayley with a kick.

Charlotte with a rollup and Bayley rolls through and grabs the ropes for the three count.

Winner:  Bayley

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sasha hugs Bayley saying she beat Charlotte.  

Bayley says Sasha didn't think she could do it.  Bayley says she is kidding.

Match Number Four:  Mandy Rose and "Her Boyfriend" Otis Dozovic versus Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler

Mandy and Sonya start things off but Otis wants Dolph so the men start the match.  Dolph goes for the leg and Otis sends Dolph to the mat.  Otis with a spinning slam.  Otis with a splash into the corner and Dolph goes to the ropes to avoid Otis.  Sonya tags in so Mandy joins the match.  Sonya runs Mandy into the corner and Sonya with shoulders.  Sonya wtih a punch but Mandy with a Thesz Press and punches.  Dolph pulls Otis off the apron and Otis is sent shoulder first into the ring steps.

Mandy checks on Otis as we go to commercial.

We are back and Sonya with a reverse chin lock and body scissors.  We see Otis telling Mandy to get back into the ring instead of checking on him so they don't lose by count out.  Sonya kicks Mandy and connects with knees.  Sonya sends Mandy into the turnbuckles.  Mandy gets a near fall.  Sonya with a reverse chin lock as she tries to taunt Otis.  Mandy with a jaw breaker and Sonya with a kick.  The referee keeps Otis from going after Sonya.  Sonya with kicks to the chest.  

Mandy with a running knee and both women are down.  Sonya grabs the leg but Mandy kicks her away and Otis tags in.  Otis with a clothesline and then he sends Dolph face first into the mat.  Otis with a splash and then he runs into a back elbow.  Otis runs Dolph into the turnbuckles and hits a splash.  Otis falls to the mat to set up the Caterpillar but Sonya tags in.  Mandy with clotheslines and a slap.  Otis attacks Dolph on the floor and then Mandy with a running knee and a sliding kick for a near fall.  Sonya with a knee while Dolph and Otis fight on the ramp.

Sonya with a running knee to the back of the head for the three count.

Winners:  Sonya Deville and Dolph ZIggler

After the match, Dolph gives Otis a super kick.

Jeff Hardy says he asked the WWE Universe to join him for one more good run.  He did not know where it would lead him but now he knows.  The Intercontinental Title.  It was the first championship he won on his own.  If he could win it again, with all of the ups and down, it would bring him full circle.  To beat the bully who tried to drag him down.  His path to one more blaze of glory runs right through you.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a graphic In Memory of Shad Gaspard.

We go to the Forgotten Sons.  

Steve Cutler says we have all had our tough times adjusting to life back home.  We have had our dark times.  If that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should.  It is our blood, on your hands.  What is only fair is your blood on ours.  

We are told that the Universal Title match is now official.  Braun Strowman will defend against Miz and John Morrison.

Miz and John Morrison are in the back and Miz wants to know why did Morrison do that.  Morrison points out that they have a title match.

Renee Young says that was pretty bold and then she asks if they can win a handicap match.  

Morrison says that Braun has a bad track record in handicap matches.  

We have a video package to set up the Sheamus and Jeff Hardy match.

Match Number Five:  Sheamus versus Jeff Hardy in a First Round Match in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament

They lock up and Sheamus backs Hardy into the corner and gives a clean break.  Sheamus runs Hardy into the turnbuckles but Hardy gets out of the corner and applies a side head lock and takes Sheamus to the mat.  Sheamus with a hammer lock but Hardy with a side head lock.  Sheamus punches Hardy and connects with a knee.  Sheamus with another punch and he chokes Hardy in the ropes.  Sheamus punches Hardy.  Hardy with a kick and forearm.  Sheamus with a back elbow and Hardy is down and he holds his elbow.  

Sheamus tells Hardy to smile and Hardy drops Sheamus on the top rope from the apron.  Hardy back drops Sheamus over the top rope to the floor and Hardy with a drop kick through the ropes that sends Sheamus into the announce table.  Sheamus catches Hardy and runs him into the ring post and then press slams Hardy onto the announce table.  Sheamus yells at Cole about not caring about him over the last four weeks.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus with a reverse chin lock.  Hardy with elbows but Sheamus pulls Hardy down by the hair.  Sheamus with knee drops.  Hardy with elbows and punches but Sheamus with a kick and knee.  Sheamus misses a short arm clothesline but he does not miss the second one.  Sheamus tells Jeff he should have stayed home and swig from the bottle.  Hardy with punches and a kick but Sheamus blocks it.  Hardy with a mule kick.  Sheamus runs into a boot and Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind for a near fall.  Sheamus kicks Hardy from the apron and then Sheamus with a uranage back breaker.  Sheamus holds on and hits a second one.  

Sheamus with a third one and then he sends Hardy to the apron.  Sheamus with forearms across the chest as Sheamus looks at Cole.  Sheamus goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Hardy lands on his feet and he punches Sheamus.  Sheamus goes into the corner but hits the ring post when Hardy moves.  Hardy with a running forearm and a reverse atomic drop followed by a leg drop and drop kick for a near fall.  Sheamus goes to the floor to escape a Twist of Fate.  Hardy sends Sheamus into the ring post on the floor and Hardy with a flying clothesline off the ringside barrier.

Hardy goes for a swanton but Sheamus gets his knees up and Sheamus gets a near fall.  Sheamuw with a running knee to the head for a near fall.  Sheamus sets for the Brogue Kick but misses and Hardy with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Jeff Hardy (advances to face Daniel Bryan in Round Two)


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