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By Mike Johnson on 2020-05-18 15:15:00

Michael Mansury, the Vice President of Global Television Production, departed World Wrestling Entertainment officially last week, has confirmed with multiple sources.  We are told Mansury had given the company notice several months ago he would be departing as of May and is now done with the company.

Mansury was seen as a big part of the Triple H regime and some in the company had dubbed him unofficially as the "next" Kevin Dunn, as in the idea was that he would one day fill Dunn's role down the line.  Mansury, who had been with the company since March 2009, initially as a Production Assistant, rising through the ranks as Associate Producer, Producer and then Managaging Producer of WWE before being elevated to his Vice President role in March 2016.

In that position, Mansury had been the Director of record for many of the WWE PPV and TV productions in recent years.  He was well liked among those we spoke to today, many of whom seemed shocked by his departure.  With Mansury having departed and Kerwin Silfies not currently working for the company, it appears Marty Miller and Kevin Dunn will be handling directing WWE broadcasts.

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