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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-05-13 22:00:00

We begin with a look back at last week's episode of NXT.

We are at Full Sail University and your host is Byron Saxton.  He is joined on commentary by Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix.

Match Number One:  Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher versus Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Barthel and Thatcher start things off and Thatcher with a hammer lock and take down.  Barthel with a head scissors and Thatcher escapes and works on the legs and applies a bow and arrow.  Thatcher with a front face lock and Barthel with a take down.  Thatcher and Barthel have their legs trapped and they press up but Thatcher with a punch and cross arm breaker but Barthel gets to the ropes.  Aichner tags in and Aichner with an arm drag into an arm bar.  Riddle pulls Barthel off the apron while Thatcher looks for a tag and Aichner hits Thatcher from behind and hits a waist lock take down.  

Riddle tags in and Riddle with a side head lock.  Aichner with a shoulder tackle and Aichner catches Riddle on a leap frog but Riddle with a sleeper into a gutwrench suplex.  Barthel tags in and Riddle with a gutwrench suplex and he goes for a back senton but Barthel gets his knees up.  Aichner tags in and gets a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Aichner with a chin lock and the arm trapped.  Riddle with a kick and AIchner keeps Riddle from making the tag.  Aichner runs Riddle into the corner and Barthel tags in and they hit the double drop kick combination for a near fall.  Aichner tags in and he kicks and chokes Riddle.  Barthel tags in and Riddle with a knee to Aichner.  Barthel tries for a sunset flip to counter a back drop.  Riddle with an elbow and Barthel stops Riddle again from making the tag.  Riddle with a round kick and both men are down.

Barthel stops Riddle and he monkey flips Barthel into Thatcher and it knocks Timothy off the apron.  Thatcher walks away from Riddle and Riddle wants to know what is he doing.  Aichner with a forearm to the back.  Aichner tells Barthel to go to the turnbuckles but Riddle gets to his feet and he hits Bro 2 Sleep.  Riddle with a knee to Barthel.  Aichner with a spinebuster followed by the European Bomb for the three count.

Winners:  Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel (new Champions)

We will see the continuation of the Cruiserweight Championship Interim Tournament as we start the third matches in the round robin.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Timothy Thatcher is asked about what he just did.  Thatcher said Riddle is doing all of these things but wrestle.  He doesn't want to be champ with this hot mess.

Matt Riddle stops by and he wants to know what is up, bro, and they push each under and fight until they have to be separated.

Match Number Two:  Tegan Nox versus Indi Hartwell

They lock up and Hartwell has something to say to Nox.  They lock up again and Hartwell sends Nox to the mat.  Nox goes for an arm drag but Hartwell blocks it and sends Nox to teh mat.  Hartwell with a punch for a near fall.  Hartwell with a forearm and kicks.  Nox with punches and Hartwell with a forearm to the back.  Nox with a kick and Hartwell with a forearm.  Hartwell with a side slam for a near fall.  Hartwell with an Irish whip but Nox with an elbow.  Hartwell is sent to the apron but Indi with a shoulder to the midsetion.  Hartwell comes off the ropes and is caught by Nox and Nox with a choke slam.  Nox with punches.

Hartwell with an Irish whip and Nox with a European uppercut.  Nox with a Cannonboar into the corner.  Nox goes up top and hits a cross body.  Nox with the Shiniest Wizard for the three count.

Winner:  Tegan Nox

We take a look back at last week's NXT Women's Championship Match and the return of Rhea Ripley.

We go to Rhea Ripley.  She says Wrestlemania didn't go as planned.  She says she hasn't had much rest since.  The thought of Charlotte Flair walking around with her title sickens her.  Io Shirai put up a good fight but at the end of the day, she couldn't get the job done.  Rhea says she is the one to bring the title back and if she has to go through Io she will.  Rhea says we have only just begun because that title you have around your waist belongs to me.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Matt Riddle is on a tablet with William Regal.  Matt Riddle says he got a match with Tim Thatcher tonight . . . 

Timothy Thatcher attacks Riddle while he is being interviewd and then Thatcher grabs a monitor and hits Riddle in the back with it.

Byron Saxton asks Jake Atlas what are his thoughts about tonight's match.  He says this is do or die.  He has to beat a former Cruiserweight Champion to stay in the tournament.  As a Drake Maverick fan, he hopes that he can beat KUSHIDA to make it a tie.

Match Number Two:  Tony Nese (0-2) versus Jake Atlas (1-1) in an A Block Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Match

Nese with a single leg take down but Atlas with a side head lock.  Atlas with an arm bar.  Nese with a side head lock and Atlas with a reversal.  Atlas lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt.  Nese with kicks and Atlas misses a standing moonsault.  Nese with a cartwheel and Nese leaps over the top rope and drops Atlas on the top rope.  Nese with punches.  Nese with forearms to the back of the head.  Nese with kicks and a suplex for a near fall.  Nese with a front face lock.  Nese with a knee lift and then he blocks a kick and applies a waist lock.  Atlas with a back elbow and Nese with a forearm.  

Atlas with a German suplex and enzuigiri for a near fall.  Nese with a chop and he backs Atlas into the corner.  Nese goes for a pump handle slam but Atlas gets to his feet and Atlas with a running neck breaker.  Nese kicks Atlas on the turnbuckles.  Nese with chops as Atlas tries to stay on the turnbuckles.  Nese kicks Atlas.  Nese goes to the turnbuckles and Atlas with forearms and Atlas pulls Nese to the mat.  Atlas with the Rainbow DDT for the three count.

Winner:  Jake Atlas (2-1)

We see Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole chatting and they are joined by Bobby Fish.  Roderick Strong is not going to be left out of the conversation.  Kyle brings up Cole's victory over Velveteen Dream.  Kyle asks about Dexter Lumis.  They all say who should take care of Dexter Lumis and they all say Roddy.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Karrion Kross and Scarlett video package.  Why do terrible people do terrible things?  We are not here to shock a system.  We are not here to save you from your corrupted black hearts.  Tick Tock.  It is time to wake up from the dream where you stay asleep forever.  Tommaso Ciampa was the first, but he was not the last.  

Finn Balor is in the back and we also see Cameron Grmes.

We have a video package on Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez.  Dakota says she was not tough enough and when she injured herself and she knew something had to change.  They had her stop her rehab so they could film stuff about Tegan Nox.  She was always in the shadow of someone.  At War Games, she knew it was time for a change.  Dakota says it felt good.  Her career went to a whole new level when Raquel got here.  Raquel is the most dominant force in NXT.  She is the only woman who has her back and she is the only one she can trust.

Raquel says they have a common bond.  They know what it is like to be outcasts.  This is a hurt business and they are going to hurt someone.

Isaiah Scott is asked about his match since it is win or go home.  He says he feels untouchable in the ring.  Fantasma found out when he shut him down.  The task at hand is Jack Gallagher.  He says if he couldn't get a win in this tournament, he would quit wrestling.  He says he has a house to protect.

We go to commercial.

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