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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-04-04 17:59:00

Match Number Six:  Kevin Owens versus Seth Rollins

Rollins backs away from Owens and goes into the ropes.  Rollins with some jabs and he goes to the floor.  Owens follows and he punches Rollins and sends him into the ringside barrier.  Rollins with a knee to the midsection.  Rollins misses The Stomp and Owens with a punch and chop.  Owens with punches to Rollins.  Rollins with a kick but Owens with a clothesline and back senton.  Owens with a second back senton and then Rollins rolls to the floor when he sees Owens set for a cannonball.  Owens chops Rollins on the floor and Rollins is sent into the ringside barrier.  Owens sends Rollins into the ringside barrier again.  Owens breaks the referee's count.  Owens with a kick.  Rollins rolls to the apron and Owens grabs Rollins and sets for a piledriver on the apron but Rollins counters with a back body drop onto the apron.

Rollins sets for a Falcon Arrow onto the apron and hits it.  Rollins with a suicide dive.  Rollins with another suicide dive that sends Owens into the ringside barrier.  Owens with a kick to Rollins but Rollins with slingblade.  Seth presents his sermon to Owens while Owens tries to fight back.  Rollins with a kick and he misses The Stomp.  Rollins misses again.  Owens with a kick and DDT.  Rollins misses a splash into the corner and Owens with a super kick and cannonball.  Owens goes up top and he hits a swanton for a near fall.

Owens with a punch and he misses the pop up power bomb.  Rollins has a super kick blocked.  Rollins blocks the stunner.  Rollins with an enzuigiri and Owens bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline.  Owens goes to the turnbuckles and he picks up Rollins for a superplex but Rollins blocks it.  Owens with punches and Rollins blocks it again.  Rollins with a rake of the eyes and then he goes for a sunset flip into a buckle bomb and hits it.  Rollins with a super kick.  Rollins with a second super kick.  Owens with a pop up power bomb for a near fall.  Rollins tries to get away form Owens.

Rollins gets the ring bell and hits Owens in the head.  The referee calls for the bell.

Winner:  Kevin Owens (by disqualification)

After the match, Owens gets on the mic and he says that Rollins doesn't get to end it like that.  You say you are a god, but those were the actions of a bitch.  He tells Seth to get back in here and finish this as a No Disqualification Match.

Seth accepts.

Match Number Six and a Half:  Kevin Owens versus Seth Rollins in a No Disqualification Match

Rollins with a running knee and he sends Owens to the floor.  Rollins sends Owens into the ringside barrier.  Rollins sends Owens into the ringside barrier.  Seth grabs the ring steps and hits Owens in the head with them.  Rollins kicks Owens in the head and Rollins gets a chair and hits Owens with it.  Rollins hits Owens in the back with the chair.  Rollins pulls the cover off the announce table.  Owens hits Rollins with the ring bell a few times.  Owens climbs the Wrestlemenia sign and he asks Seth how about this for a Wrestlemania moment.  Owens with a back senton onto Rollins through the table.

Owens gets up first while Rollins speaks in tongues.  Owens sends Rollins back into the ring.  Owens picks up Rollins and Seth says it doesn't have to be like this.  Owens with a kick and stunner for the three count.

Winner:  Kevin Owens

We return to Mojo and Rob on the balcony and R Truth shows up with the 24/7 Title.  Truth introduces himself to Rob Gronkowski.  He needs to keep his head on a swivel.  He can't go anywhere.  He asks if he can chill for a while.  

Rob with a forearm and he covers Truth but Mojo pulls him off and gets the three count.

Charly Caruso is in the back and Paul Heyman interrupts.  Charly tells Paul that he scared her but Paul says that Drew is the one who should be scared.  He is 24 hours away from being exposed as a pretender.  Paul says he thrives in a business that thrives on embellishing.  He has failed to convey how truly unique Brock Lesnar is.  He is not one amongst us.  He is a super being.  He is not one of our species.  There is not a thing that Drew McIntyre can do be go in there dreaming and walk out beaten, vicitimized, and conquered by the greatest champion in WWE history.  

Match Number Seven:  Universal Championship Match: Bill Goldberg versus Braun Strowman

Braun has something to say to Bill and Goldberg with a kick and Irish whip.  Goldberg stops short in the corner.  Goldberg escapes a power slam attempt and Goldberg with a spear followed by a second one.  Goldberg with a third spear for a near fall.  Goldberg with a fourth spear.  Goldberg goes for the Jackhammer but Strowman counters with a power slam and a second one.  Strowman with a third power slam.  Strowman goes for another one and he hits it and gets the three count.

Winner:  Braun Strowman (new champion)

Match Number Eight:  Boneyard Match: Undertaker versus AJ Styles

AJ Styles comes in a coffin inside a hearse while Undertaker arrives on his motorcyle.

AJ says he didn't think Taker would show up and he asks if Michelle knows he is out this late.  AJ says he has dug Taker's grave but Taker says AJ dug his own grave.  

Taker punches AJ a few times and he tells AJ to get up.  AJ runs away from Taker and Taker calls him Allen.  Taker with a punch.  Taker sends AJ into the top of the coffin and then into the coffin a few more times.  Taker picks something up and he tries to hit AJ with it against the hearse but Taker cuts his arm when he misses.  AJ with punches but Taker sends AJ into the front window of the hearse.  AJ gets on top of the hearse and Taker follows him.  AJ with a punch and Taker punches back.  Taker punches AJ and he tells AJ never to talk about his wife again.

AJ falls off the roof of the hearse.  Taker says he has a lot of more.  AJ tries to run away.  AJ kicks Taker low and then punches Taker.  AJ picks up Taker and carries him to the grave.  AJ with punches and Taker staggers but stays on his feet.  Taker with a punch.  Taker punches Aj and AJ falls into the grave.  Taker asks AJ how does it feel down there.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson says they are just getting started.  Taker walks toward Luke and Karl and a light comes on in a barn and many hooded people show up.  Taker says let's do it and he takes care of them because they attack one at a time.  Anderson and Gallows work over Taker and they kick and punch him.  Taker with elbows and punches to Gallows and Anderson.  Taker kicks Gallows and he picks up a shovel handle and hits Anderson and Gallows wih it.  

AJ hits Taker from behind with a gravestone.  AJ asks if Taker has what it takes.  AJ with a punch.  AJ with a kick and more punches.  AJ yells at Taker because he broke his finger.  AJ tells Taker to stay down.  AJ tells Taker to come on and just give up.  He tells Taker to retire already and let him bury Taker.  AJ begs Taker to get up and AJ with a spear through the wall.  AJ tells Taker he just doesn't have it any more.   AJ says Taker isn't a phenom any more and Taker shows AJ who he thinks is number one.  AJ says he thought Taker was an American Badass, but all he is is a broken down old bitch.  AJ grabs a shovel and he says he is doing the world a favor.

He says he is going to bury Taker right here, right now.  AJ hits Taker in the back with the shovel and is breaks in half.  Taker falls into the grave and he pours the dirt onto Taker.  AJ gets on the tractor and gets ready to pour the dirt into the grave.  

A light shows up behind AJ and it is Taker standing behind him.  Taker grabs AJ and punches him.  Taker punches AJ and AJ starts to run away.  Taker tells AJ he can't run away.  AJ climbs a ladder onto the barn.  Taker says you can run, but you can't hide.  Taker climbs the ladder.  AJ backs up and Taker summons a great light and fire appears behind AJ.  AJ runs into a boot and then Taker punches Gallows and Anderson.  Taker with more punches.  Taker throws Gallows off the roof and then Taker with a tombstone to Anderson on the roof.  

Taker tells AJ it is just them now.  AJ with a punch and he says he had Taker dead and buried.  Taker grabs AJ by the throat and AJ begs for mercy but Taker says this is what you asked for and AJ is choke slammed off the roof.  Taker climbs down the ladder and he walks over to AJ.  Taker asks AJ if he still wants to talk.  He asks AJ if he remembers his wife's name.  He asks AJ to tell him how old he is and if this will hurt his legacy.  Taker says we aren't done yet.  We are just getting started.  Taker drags AJ and picks him up.  Taker picks up AJ and he says AJ is a lot tougher than he gave him credit for.  AJ says he is sorry and Taker asks what is AJ sorry for.  

Taker grabs AJ by the throat and AJ says he is sorry.  Taker says it was a hell of a fight.  Taker says AJ fought his ass off, so does AJ think he is going to bury him?  Taker hugs AJ and he says a lot of people didn't give him that fight.  Taker walks away and then kicks AJ into the grave.  Taker gets in the tractor and he pours the dirt on AJ.

Winner:  Undertaker

After the match, Taker gets off the tractor and reveals the tombstone for AJ Styles and AJ's hand is coming out of the grave. 

Taker gets on his bike and rides away but he raises his fist and pyro comes from the roof of the barn with his symbol on the side of the barn.

We will be back on Sunday with the second night of Wrestlemania.


Matches Announced for Kickoff Shows:

Night Two:
Liv Morgan versus Natalya


Matches Announced for Wrestlemania:

Night Two Matches:

WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) versus Drew McIntyre
NXT Women’s Championship Match: Rhea Ripley versus Charlotte Flair
Smackdown Women’s Championship Elimination Match: Bayley versus Sasha Banks versus Tamina versus Naomi versus Lacey Evans
Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) versus Austin Theory and Angel Garza (with Zelina Vega)
Firefly Funhouse Match: The Fiend versus John Cena
Last Man Standing Match: Edge versus Randy Orton
Aleister Black versus Bobby Lashley
Otis versus Dolph Ziggler

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