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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-02-14 21:58:00

We are back with a Goldberg video package.

We go to Hulk Hogan in Florida.  Michael congratulates Hogan for becoming a two time Hall of Famer.  Hogan says the nWo being acknowledged by the WWE universe is strong.  Hulkamania put the business on fire and the nWo took it to a different level.  Doing it in Tampa is 4 Life.  Cole asks Hogan about Goldberg's match with The Fiend and whether Goldberg has a chance.  Hogan says he has told people that he has been where you are now.  Hogan says he knows the power of Bill Goldberg but he has also felt the energy from The Fiend.  Hogan tells The Fiend he better try to survive.

We get an old school nWo tribute message paid by the FFH. 

Bray rips off his shirt and poses like Hogan.  Bray says hello to the Hulkster.  He has been following his advice.  He has been saying his prayers and taking his vitamins.  Now he has a title.  Huskus asks Bray what is he doing and Bray says he is talking about muscles, something Huskus doesn't know about.  Bray asks Huskus if he wants a piece of chocolate and Huskus eats it.  Bray says he hopes it isn't 'too sweet'.

Hogan says Bray is pretty entertaining.  When you get in the ring with Goldberg it is no joke.  Hogan wishes Bray luck.

Bray says he doesn't need luck, he has a fiend.  If you aren't careful Brother, there can always be room for one more.

Hogan thanks Cole for the interview and leaves.

Tucker is with Otis in the locker room and he has flowers for his date with Mandy.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro and Sami Zayn are in the ring and Sami has a ukulele and Cesaro has a cowbell.  Sami welcomes everyone to their protest concert to protest the lack of action for their cause against Elias and Braun Strowman.

Before Sami can strum, they are interrupted by Elias.  

Elias says he was told to come out to stop what Sami and Cesaro are doing.  Elias says you are trying to make your name on Elias.  

Sami tells Elias to shut up and they know who Elias is.  Who do you think you are to interrupt their protest concert.

Elias says he is staging a counter protest.

Sami says he would have his security ready to kick Elias out but they will let Elias in.

Sami says he wants Elias real close because the song is about him.

Sami tells Cesaro he needs less cowbell.  The crowd wants cowbell so Cesaro says adios to the cowbell.

Sami says if the people don't shut their mouths, the concert if over.  Sami asks the people if they think this is a joke.  Sami says the only joke is having Daniel and Henrik Sedin's numbers in the rafters.

Cesaro tries to attack Elias but Elias fights back.  Cesaro hits Elias from behind and then Strowman makes his way to the ring and Strowman knocks 'security' down and he chases Sami.  A member of security on his last day because he touched Strowman and Elias with a clothesline and then Elias and Strowman biel him onto other members of 'security'.

Naomi says she is sick of what Bayley is doing.  She demands a title match because Bayley has never beaten her.  Naomi says she is the next Smackdown Women's Champion.

We see Mandy waiting at 'Restaurant' for her 'date' with Otis.

We go to commercial.

We are back and in two week, so will John Cena.

We are told that Bayley will defend the Smackdown Women's Title in Riyadh.  Next week, we will find out who faces Bayley because Naomi faces Carmella.  Bill Goldberg will be in Phoenix next week for Smackdown.

We have a video package to show the courting process that led to tonight's 'date'.

We see Otis arrive at 'Restaurant' and he asks if a beautiful peach is there.  Otis is sent to his table and we see Mandy Rose at the table.  Someone taps Mandy on the shoulder and Mandy thinks it is Otis but it is Dolph Ziggler.  Otis sees Mandy with Dolph and Otis is heartbroken as he drops his flowers and leaves.

We go to commercial.

Miz says the Usos talked a big game last week.  Miz says the Usos are not here this week.  Miz says he has always been her.  Morrison says he has been here every week for the last month.  MIz says they were and they are the greatest tag team of the 21st Century.

Match Number Three:  Miz and John Morrison versus Roman Reigns and a Mystery Partner (playing the part of Mystery Partner is Daniel Bryan)

Before the match starts, Baron Corbin makes his way to his seat that will conveniently be in the front row.

The match is joined in progress and Reigns with a shoulder tackle to Morrison.  Morrison with kicks to the leg.  Morrison with a wrist lock.  Roman with a clothesline.  Bryan tags in and he hits a drop kick into the corner followed by a European uppercut.  Bryan flips over Morrison and Bryan with a suicide dive to Miz.  Bryan goes up top and hits a missile drop kick.  Bryan with kicks to the chest.  Bryan gets a near fall.  Bryan with a kick and he puts Morrison on the turnbuckles and hits a Frankensteiner.  Morrison slides under the legs and then forces Bryan over the top rope to teh floor.  Miz sends Bryan into the ringside barrier, right in front of Corbin (how convenient).  Roman stares down Corbin and Miz hits Roman from behind.

Morrison with a twisting plancha over the ring post onto Bryan and Reigns as we go to commercial.

We are back and Morrison tags in and he connects with a forearm after a catapult.  Morrison with an elbow drop for a near fall.  Morrison with a chin lock on Bryan.  Bryan with a jaw breaker but Morrison with a kick to the head and Miz tags in.  Bryan sends Morrison over the top rope to the floor and then he punches Miz.  Miz with a knee and Bryan goes to the apron and then he goes up top.  Miz crotches Bryan on the turnbuckles.  Miz with a superplex attempt but Bryan blocks and goes up and he crotches Miz.  Morrison tags in as Miz grabs the ankle.  Morrison knocks Roman off the apron and then Morrison with a spinebuster and a Shining Wizard for a near fall.  

Morrison goes up top and misses a 450 splash.  Miz and Roman tag in and Roman with clotheslines and a flying clothesline.  Roman with an uppercut to Morrison.  Roman with NeverEnding Story followed by a running boot to the head.  Roman sets for the Superman punch and Miz avoids it.  Morrison tags in and Roman with a snap mare and uppercut.  Morrison with a springboard round kick for a near fall.  Morrison with a Shining Wizard for a near fall.  Roman with a rollup and then he picks up Morrison for a one armed power bomb but Morrison escapes with a thumb to the eye.  Roman with a Superman punch and then he sets for the spear.

Morrison with a kick and Miz tags in and hits the Skull Crushing Finale but Bryan breaks up the cover.  Bryan with a drop kick to Morrison to send him into the announce table.  Miz kicks Bryan to stop him from a dive to the floor.  Miz looks around and mocks Bryan.  Roman with a Superman punch to MIz and a spear for the three count.

Winners:  Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

After the match, Baron Corbin trespasses and hits Roman with the scepter.

We go to credits.

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