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By Richard Trionfo on 2020-01-13 22:58:00

We are back and Jerry Lawler is in the ring for a contract signing for the Raw Women's Championship Match.

Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring first.

Jerry asks Becky if she has anything to say.  Becky decides not to say anything before Asuka makes her way to the ring with her Women's Tag Title belt and partner Kairi Sane.

Asuka takes the mic and she yells at Becky and then at Jerry.

Kairi moves over to Becky's side of the table and Becky gets up but Kairi holds out her umbrella and Becky takes it.  Kairi leaves the ring.

Asuka signs the contract.  Becky signs the contract as well.

Becky tells Asuka may the best woman win.

Asuka spits mist in Becky's face and she screams in Japanese.

We see Becky being treated after the misting.

Becky says when they give you money and praise, it is poison for those who fight for a living.  Becky says Asuka is angry while Becky says she is content.  Becky says she has been trying to find an anger she can use.  When you touch her, it causes a badness to rise in her.  She does not care if they are trying to hide her from Becky.  If she is going down swinging, she will take Asuka down with her.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened last week when Andrade pulled off Rey Mysterio's mask after their match on Raw.

Next week, Rey Mysterio faces Andrade in a ladder match for the US Championship.

Sarah Schrieber is in the back and she is with Zelina Vega and the United States Champion Andrade.

Zelina says Sarah is not qualified to talk to them.  There is a lot between Andrade and the disgraced legend of Rey Mysterio.  Andrade deserves the adulation of everyone.  Andrade was man enough to win the title at Madison Square Garden.  It was Andrade who was man enough to retain last week.  Andrade was man enough to take the mask from Rey.  Zelina says that Rey stole his mask back and the title belt.  Zelina says they had to file a criminal report against Rey.  Zelina says Rey is a disgrace to all Latinos and a bad example to his son Dominic and all of Rey's children.

Andrade says to call Rey Mysterio a Latino is a disgrace.  He says he is going to remain the champion next week and beat Rey Mysterio.

Charly Caruso is with Rey Mysterio.  Rey is asked about what Andrade and Zelina had to say.  Rey says he is being accused of being a criminal and unfit to represent his people.  Rey says he represents his people with his heart.  Andrade thinks he can get away with anything after injuring Humberto.  It is not funny that Andrade tried to injure one of the most promising rookies.  Rey says he loves the idea of a ladder match.  He is willing to make the sacrifices to his career.  He accepts the consequences.  Next week, not only is he going to take back the United States Championship, he will take back the United States Championship from you.

We take a look at Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy.

Black says to some he is good and to some he is evil.  Buddy Murphy says he was WWE's best kept secret but now he is the hottest property.  Black says that Mr. Murphy proved to be his perfect opponent.  Buddy says he learned the lesson in the rematch.  It was his moment but he dealt with obsessed men.  Black asks if you have shown your true colors.  Buddy says he is better than Aleister Black.  He knows it and Aleister knows it.  Buddy says he is so far in Aleister's head, all he had to do was knock on his door.

Match Number Six:  Aleister Black versus Buddy Murphy

They stand face to face and exchange some words before Black connects with a back elbow.  Murphy with a boot and Black kicks Murphy.  Black misses a back heel kick and Murphy goes to the floor.  Black with a baseball slide to Murphy and they both go to the floor.  Murphy with a kick and forearm but Black with a kick to the head.  Black sends Murphy back into the ring and Murphy kicks Black away.  Murphy goes to the floor and Black follows.  Black with a kick and they fight to the ramp.  Murphy with an elbow and he sends Black onto the ramp.  The referee continues his count and Murphy gets back in at eight and breaks the count.  Murphy sends Black into the ringside barrier and connects with a forearm.

Murphy with a kick to Black.  Murphy gets on the ringside barrier and Black kicks Murphy in the leg and Murphy falls on the ringside barrier.  Black with an arm bar and Murphy with an arm drag.  Black with a kick to the chest and then he goes up top and leaps over Murphy.  Murphy with a drop kick that sends Black's head into the ring post.  Murphy suplexes Black into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Murphy tries to power bomb Black on the floor but Black counters with a double stomp and a running drop kick.  Black with a running boot that sends him into the crowd.  Black sends Murphy back into the ring and Black with punches and kicks.  Black with a leg sweep and a running boot to the head.  Black with a slam for a near fall.  Black picks Murphy up with his boot but Murphy grabs the boot.  Murphy goes for Murphy's law but Black goes for a rollup and Murphy uses the tights for leverage and the referee does not make the count.  Black with a knee for a near fall.

Murphy with an elbow from the apron and Black avoids being sent into the turnbuckles.  Murphy with an enzuigiri that sends Black to the mat.  Murphy goes up top and Black leaps onto the turnbuckles but Murphy drops Black face first onto the mat.  Black kicks Murphy off the turnbuckles and into the ringside barrier.  Murphy gets back into the ring before the ten count.  They stare each other down and exchange forearms.  Murphy with a back heel kick and a stomp to the floor.  Black with kicks and elbows.  Black with a thrust kick and he goes for a quebrada but Murphy with a kick to the midsection and Murphy's Law but Black gets his foot on the rope to stop the count.  Murphy tries to hit Murphy's Law again but Black collapses to the mat.

Murphy mocks Black and tries to lift up Black but Murphy misses.  Black hits a spinning back heel kick for a near fall.  Black sets for a running Black Mass for the three count.

Winner:  Aleister Black

We are back and next week Brock Lesnar will be on Raw.  Bobby Lashley and Lana will face Rusev and Liv Morgan.  Rey Mysterio will face Andrade for the United States Championship in a ladder match.

We see Buddy Murphy still at ringside as Erick Rowan makes his way to the ring.

Charly Caruso has a question for Buddy and he says not now.

Match Number Seven:  Erick Rowan versus Rupp Arena Victim

Rowan sends his opponent to the floor and then connects with a back elbow.  Rowan sends his opponent into the ringside barrier.  Rowan says he wants to show him.  Rowan reaches into the cage but it bites Rowan in the hand and he is bleeding.  Rowan gets back into the ring and hits a splash into the corner followed by a claw slam for the three count.

Winner:  Erick Rowan

Seth Rollins, Akam, and Rezar walk in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number Eight:  Akam, Rezar, and Seth Rollins versus Big Show, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe

Seth Rollins, Akam, and Rezar attack Big Show on his way to the ring and then Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe make their way to the ring with kendo sticks.  Show punches Rollins and the match is started.  Show hits Rollins in the midsection and beack with the kendo stick.  Show breaks the kendo stick and throws it to the floor.  Show puts a table against the turnbuckles.  Joe, Akam, Rezar, and Owens fight on the stage and by the announce table.  Show chpos Rollins against the ringside barrier.

Akam and Rezar go after Joe while Rolliins sends Show into the ring post.  Owens goes up on the half pipe and hits a senton onto Akam and Rezar.  Joe with a back senton off the stage onto Rezar.  Buddy Murphy is still sitting at ringside and Seth asks him for help.  Show grabs Rollins and brings him back into the ring.  Show with a choke slam to Rollins and he winds up for the punch.  Murphy hits Show with a low blow and Rollins is shocked.  Show is sent through the table by Murphy and Rollins.

Akam and Rezar attack Joe on the announce table but Kevin Owens fights them off.  Owens is choke slammed onto Joe through the announce table.  Rollins sets for Black Out on Show and Show sends Rollins into the turnbuckles.  Show sends Murphy over the top rope and Show with a running hip into the corner.  Show goes up for a Vader Bomb but Akam and Rezar with a double power bomb.  Murphy holds Show and then Rollins with Black Out and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners:  Akam, Rezar, and Seth Rollins

After the match, Seth and Buddy hug.

We go to credits.

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