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By Mike Johnson on 2019-12-05 23:10:00

CONTRA Unit's Jacob Fatu & Ikuro Kwon & Simon Gotch vs. Strong Hearts' CIMA & El Lindaman & Shigehiro Irie.

Jacob Fatu worked over Lindaman.  Gotch and Irie went back and forth.  It turned into a brawl with everyone battling all over ringside.  It was too much to recap but very entertaining.  All three Strong Hearts worked over Fatu in the ring.  He fired back but was caught in the frenzy of big moves.  Lindaman nailed a big back suplex.  Lindaman nailed a big flip dive to the outside.  Fatu caught CIMA with a Samoan Drop and moonsault for the pin.  Frenzied but a lot of fun.

Your winners, CONTRA Unit!

Opera Cup Finals: Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

The crowd chanted “Hart Foundation.”

They had some good back and forth wrestling.  They went into a long test of strength. Pillman nailed a dropkick that sent Smith out of the ring.   Pillman hit a springboard splash on Smith on the floor. Smith worked over Pillman and sent him into the barricade hard.  He suplexed Pillman on the floor. Pillman was almost counted out but Smith brought him back in the ring.

Smith worked him over but missed a legdrop off the top.   Smith went for a slam but was small packaged for a two count.  Pillman and Smith went back and forth with near falls that were really good.  Pillman caught him with a superkick, then a big knee strike. Pillman nailed Air Pillman for a two count.

Smith shoved Pillman back into the buckles.  Pillman kicked him off and went for a bodypress but missed.  Pillman was powerslammed for a two count. Smith nailed a leaping tombstone piledriver and went to the top.  He nailed a headbutt off the top but Pillman kicked up. Smith powerbombed him for another two count.

Smith locked on a crossface.  PIllman finally tapped.

You winner, Davey Boy Smith Jr!

Smith was awarded the Cup.  He and Pillman embraced.

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