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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-12-02 22:59:00

We are back and Erick Rowan is asked what is in the cage but Erick won't show Sarah.  Erick snarls at Sarah and walks away.

Charly Caruso asks Kairi and Asuka about their match and Charly mentions Charlotte ending Asuka's streak.  Asuka responds in Japanese.  

Match Number Six:  Asuka and Kairi Sane versus Charlotte Flair

Kairi and Asuka attack Charlotte before the bell rings and Sane hits Charlotte with the umbrella.

Charlotte and Asuka with punches as the bell rings.  Sane tags in and she hits Charlotte with a double sledge to the back.  Sane chokes Charlotte in the corner.  Asuka tags in and kicks Charlotte.  Sane tags in and Sane sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles.  Asuka sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles.  Charlotte with a kick to Asuka and Charlotte sends Sane to the apron and hits a forearm to knock her off the apron.  Asuka takes Charlotte to the mat.  Asuka with kickes and Charlotte with a block of a kick and single leg take down.  Charlotte clotheslines Sane on the apron.  Charlotte sends Asuka to the floor and hits a baseball slide to both women.  Asuka sends Charlotte into the ringside barrier before they return to the ring.

Asuka with an Irish whip and Charlotte with the Flair flip and Sane pulls Charlotte off the apron.  Charlotte sends Sane into the ringside barrier.  Charlotte slaps Sane and Asuka with a baseball slide on the apron.  Asuka with kicks to the back.  Asuka has some words for the referee and Sane holds Charlotte but Asuka knocks Sane off the apron with a hip attack when Charlotte moves.   Charlotte with a pescado onto Asuka and Sane. Charlotte sends Asuka back into the ring and Sane tries to send Charlotte into the ring post but Charlotte kicks Sane.  Charlotte sees Asuka trying to attack her but Charlotte points at Asuka and we go to commercial.

We are back and Asuka with a hip strike in the corner.  Sane tags in and Sane with forearms to the back.  Sane with a Sliding D for a near fall.  Asuka tags in and they exchange forearms.  Asuka with a waist lock but Charlotte with a back elbow.  Asuka runs into an elbow.  Charlotte has a kick blocked and Asuka with an ankle lock followed by a German suplex.  Sane tags in and Sane goes up top and is met with a boot.  Charlotte with a boot to Asuka.  Charlotte puts Asuka next to Sane and Charlotte goes to the turnbuckles for a moonsault onto both women.

Sane and Asuka get their knees up and Charlotte blocks a drop kick and Charlotte with a Boston Crab.  Asuka kicks Charlotte to force the hold to be released.  Asuka tags in and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall.  Asuka with kicks to Charlotte.  Charlotte blocks a kick and Asuka with a forearm.  Charlotte with a forearm.  Asuka with a kick.  Charlotte blocks a drop kick and Charlotte tries for the Boston Crab.  Charlotte with a boot to the head and Charlotte goes for the figure four leg lock but Asuka counters into a cross arm breaker and triangle.  Charlotte picks up Asuka for a one arm sit out power bomb and Sane breaks up the cover.  Sane tags in and she pulls Charlotte into the corner and hits an elbow drop.

Sane goes up top and Charlotte stops Sane on the turnbuckles.  Charlotte slaps Sane while Sane connects with forearms.  Charlotte with a superplex attempt and Sane tags in.  Asuka gets to the turnbuckles and Asuka and Sane send Charlotte face first to the mat.  Sane with a double stomp to the back and Asuka gets a near fall.  Sane and Asuka go for duel Sliding Ds but Charlotte avoids it and hits a double spear for a near fall.  Charlotte with knees to the hamstring and she knocks Sane off the apron with a baseball slide.  Charlotte misses a boot.  Charlotte with a spear but Sane makes the tag.  Charlotte puts Asuka in the figure four and Asuka pulls Charlotte into the corner.  Charlotte bridges and Sane with an InSane Elbow for the three count.

Winners:  Kairi Sane and Asuka

Erik and Ivar are in a hallway owned by The Fiend as they snarl into commercial.

We see Charlotte Flair in the back and she is asked if she regrets challenging the Kabuki Warriors and Charlotte says no and walks away.

Match Number Seven:  Erik and Ivar versus Mark Sterling and Mitchell Lyons in a Non Title Match

Erik with a knee to Sterling and Lyons is ready to go to the back but Ivar picks him up and slams Lyons on the floor.  Erik slams Ivar onto Lyons.  Ivar tags in and Sterling is sent into the turnbuckles.  Ivar with a splash and Erik with knees.  Erik sends Ivar into Sterling in the corner.  Erik tags in and they hit Viking Experience for the three count.

Winners:  Erik and Ivar

We go to Humberto Carrillo, Ricochet, and Rey Mysterio in the locker room.  Ricochet says he wants to prove that superheroes are real but tonight that will be shoved to the side.  They are going to shut up the OC.  Humberto says the OC are trying to ruin Raw, but that won't happen tonight.  Rey says the honor is all his to be teaming with the future of the sport.  What AJ Styles was doing as US Champion was unacceptable.  That will not happen because he has the title.  They will shut the OC up and shut them down.

We go to commercial.

Karl Anderson says Randy Orton helped Rey Mysterio steal the US Title from AJ Styles.  You committed the crime of the century against the OC.  AJ says you will get hurt.  He says that they will enjoy hurting Rey, Humberto, and Ricochet.  

Match Number Eight:  Rey Mysterio, Humberto Carrillo, and Ricochet versus AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows

Anderson and Humberto start things off and Anderson with a side head lock.  Humberto lands on his feet on a back drop.  Humberto with a sunset flip but Anderson rolls through.  Humberto with a round kick for a near fall.  Humberto with a wrist lock.  Ricochet tags in and hits a double sledge to the arm.  Ricochet and Humberto with a double back elbow and a double handspring arm drag for a near fall.  Ricochet with a European uppercut and Humberto tags in.  Humberto is run into the corner and Anderson with a forearm.  Styles tags in and he punches and chops Carrillo.

Humberto with a back heel kick and another kick.  Carrillo with a moonsault head butt for a near fall.  Styles with a shot to the throat to stop Humberto.  Humberto with an elbow but Anderson with a knee to the back from the apron and Styles kicks Humberto to the floor.  Gallows with a clothesline on the floor.  Styles sends Humberto into the ringside barrier.  They return to the ring and Gallows tags in and hits an elbow drop.  Gallows with a round kick for a near fall.  Gallows with elbows to the collarbone and he applies a reverse chin lock.  Gallows with a knee to the midsection.

Gallows goes for a suplex but Humberto lands on his feet and Humberto with a jaw breaker and enzuigiri.  Rey and Anderson tag in and Rey with a springboard cross body and kick.  Rey with a kick and head scissors take down.  Gallows hits Rey in the back and Rey sends Gallows into the ring post.  Rey is sent to the apron and he hits an enzuigiri to Styles and a 619 around the ring post to Gallows.  Styles gets Rey on his shoulders and Rey sends Styles into the ropes.  Anderson blocks a 619 and sends Rey into the ringside barrier and ring steps.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Galows with a suplex to Rey for a near fall.  Rey with elbows to Gallows but Rey runs into a boot from Gallows for a near fall.  Anderson tags in and works on the neck.  Anderson with a reverse chin lock and Rey with an elbow and he sends Anderson into the turnbuckles.  Ricochet and Styles tag in and Ricochet with a running forearm and head scissors.  Ricochet with a springboard drop kick to knock Anderson off the apron.  Ricochet with kicks to Styles from the apron followed by a springboard clothesline and shooting star press for a near fall.  

Styles with a waist lock and Ricochet wtih an O'Connor Roll for a near fall.  Anderson with a forearm and Styles with a gourdbuster out of belly-to-back set up.  Styles sets for a Styles Clash but Ricochet backs AJ into the turnbuckles.  Ricochet with Recoil for a near fall.  Rey sends Anderson into the ropes and Rey with a 619 and then Gallows kicks Rey off the apron.  Humberto with a missile drop kick to Gallows followed by a plancha to Gallows.  Styles sets for a power bomb but Ricochet counters with a rana for a near fall.  Styles with a Pele Kick and then Styles puts Ricochet on the turnbuckles.  

Styles goes to the turnbuckles and Ricochet with a punch.  Ricochet kicks Anderson off the apron and then hits a moonsault off the ring post onto Anderson.  Ricochet goes for a springboard Frankensteiner but Styles blocks it and hits a Super Styles Clash for the three count.

Winners:  AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows

Randy Orton shows up behind AJ while he celebrates his victory and Orton hits an RKO.

We go to credits.

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