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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-21 09:57:00

Several months ago, you reported Impact was working on a studio wrestling pilot.  Is the Throwback Throwdown that concept?

It is indeed and we'll see next Tuesday what exactly it is and whether it can have any legs.

I saw some people on Twitter attacking you for running a Eric Bischoff quote because Conrad Thompson took exception to what Bischoff said.  How could people blame you for running and reciting something Bischoff said, on record, during an interview where he was on record?  How could you be at fault?

We couldn't be at fault for reporting something that was placed on the public record, except in the eyes of some people who have no idea how reporting worked and/or are well, stupid.  If you are speaking on the record, it's a quote and the fact that you said it is well, fact.  Common sense.  If you are incorrect in what you said, or have to amend what you said, that happens, but the genie is out of the bottle - you said the original statement.  There was zero incorrect in the reporting of the quote - we even embedded the YouTube link of what Bischoff said, so you can hear it in his own voice.  When Thompson corrected Bischoff's version of events, we ran that, but Thompson was correcting what Bischoff stated, NOT what we reported.  

Small crowds.  Talent leaving.  I feel like we are at death's door for Ring of Honor.  Am I wrong?

You are.  As long ROH has the ownership and backing of a multi-billion dollar company like Sinclair Broadcast Group, they aren't going anywhere.  In the last few weeks, the buzz within the company is that they are working on some restructuring to strengthen all aspects of the company and are planning to make some moves that will put ROH back into a more prominent position.  We will see if that happens in the months to come, but I've never had any fear ROH is going to shut their doors.  There are deep pockets behind the company and given that it was purchased to provide Sinclair with TV programming, which it still does, I don't see that changing.

Bill Goldberg on the Goldbergs - is he related to the guy who created the show?

No, there is no relation between Goldberg and Goldbergs' creator Adam Goldberg.

How did you know Seth Rollins was going to be on NXT.  There were so many names floating around and 99% of them were wrong, but you nailed it.

I did my job.

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