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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-13 11:30:00

Dan Maff's new ROH deal is an exclusive one.  He'll be bidding farewell to his home promotion, WrestlePro, at their Rahway, NJ event this Saturday, facing his “Sent 2 Slaughter” tag team partner and best friend Shawn Donavan.  

This weekend's ROH TV will feature ROH Champion Rush vs. Jeff Cobb and ROH TV Champion Shane Taylor vs. Joe Hendry from the recent UK tour,

Tommy Fierro of 80s Wrestling Con will be working with ROH on live event promotion going forward.

The recent storyline attacks on the Kingdom were a ruse to turn Vinnie Marseglia against Matt Taven.  They'll be feuding going forward.

The Soldiers of Savagery (Moses and Kaun) are now aligned with ROH TV Champion Shane Taylor.

Kevin Eck at the ROH website wrote the following in his latest article: "A former multi-time champion in WCW is rumored to be appearing at Final Battle Fallout on Dec. 15 in Philadelphia."

ROH has released several episodes of their Future of Honor series for Honorclub subscribers.

ROH's return to Philadelphia on Sunday 12/15 will be streamed for Honorclub live.


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