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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-16 17:02:00

Maria Manic, 22, who debuted for Ring of Honor earlier this year and has been involved in a series of angles where she physically manhandles security and others while trying to get to The Allure, is currently at the WWE Performance Center for a tryout, has confirmed.    Manic has been at the facility in Orlando, Florida since Monday.

Earlier this year, Manic signed a six-month contract with ROH, which recently expired.  She had not officially wrestled for the company, but regularly appeared doing angles.  We are told ROH had been in the process of trying to lock her in to a new deal and as recently as two weeks ago, there had been storyline pitches for her, including a storyline leading to an intergender bout designed to give her a big rub.  Whether ROH gets the opportunity to do that now remains to be seen.

Manic, a five year veteran who was originally trained by Damien Wayne, has emerged over the last several years, transforming herself into an extremely powerful brawler who can battle with both men and women. first reported Manic at the Performance Center. has independently confirmed the story.

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