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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-15 14:23:00

A WWE representative has confirmed to PWInsider that Eric Bischoff is no longer with the company.  So, the announcement that Bruce Prichard is taking over his position as the Executive Director of Smackdown is not a case of Bischoff stepping into another role for WWE. 

As of this afternoon, Bischoff is no longer with World Wrestling Entertainment.   We are told that Bischoff was informed after a creative meeting for Smackdown in Stamford, CT.

We are also told that since he was an executive, not a talent, Bischoff likely does not have the usual 90 day no compete and could pop up somewhere else if he desired.  It should be interesting to see if someone decides to tap him for an on-air talent role as he's always been excellent in that regard.

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