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By Michael Specian & Billy Paige on 2019-10-02 22:17:00

After AEW Dynamite went off the air, they cleared the ring and announced there would be three more matches.

Michael Specian Reporting:

Most people are still here.

Bonus Match 1: The Lucha Bros., Jack Evans, and Angelico vs. Private Party and Best Friends

Orange Cassidy wandered to ringside. He got taken out. Fans were not happy. This was a full blown tornado tag all the way. Fun stuff, tough to recap. Eventually the Lucha Bros. isolated Chick Taylor and hit an assisted springboard package piledriver for the pin.

Bonus Match 2: Penelope Ford and Bea Priesley vs. Britt Baker and Allie

Mostly a straight up tag. Allie gets beat up, the. Britt makes hot tag and attacks Bea. Britt submits Penelope Ford with a Rings of Saturn-style submission.

Bonus Match 3: Jurassic Express vs. SCU

This was a fun tag match. Good individual action and tag team synergy - a good balance. Luchasaurus is over like rover. Eventually SCU isolated Marco Stunt and they hit a powerbomb into a backstabber for the pin.

After the match Scorpio grabbed the mic. Historic night he says! Simple question - did you enjoy it? Thank you for being part of this revolution. This was a near perfect night. One thing that was missing was “This is the worst town I’ve ever been in.” Daniels calls Jurassic Express the future of pro wrestling. You’ll see it every week. Kaz says hump day has gotten a lot more interesting. We made history. You’ll get to say you were at the first show to your grandkids. Instead of SCU, he asks people to say AEW. End of show!

Billy Paige sent the following:

*The Lucha Brothers & Jack Evans & Angelico defeated Best Friends (with Orange Cassidy) & Private Party.

*Allie and Britt Baker defeated Bea Priestley & Penelope Ford.

*SCU defeated Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt & Jungle Boy after a double team backstabber.

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