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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-09-30 22:59:00

We are in Phoenix, Arizona and your announcers are Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin, and Jerry Lawler.

Rey Mysterio makes his way to the stage, but he is not dressed to wrestle.  

We see Rey's son Dominick in the crowd as Rey acknowledges him.

Rey says hello, he says he will be facing Seth Rollins later tonight for the Universal Championship.  He points out his son in the crowd and says it is because of him that he is here so he is going to dedicate this match to Dominick.  

Brock Lesnar's music interrupts Rey and he is on the stage with Paul Heyman.  They make their way to the ring.

Brock takes the mic from Rey and hands it to Paul, but Rey takes it back before Paul can say anything other than "ladies'.  

Brock does not appreciate Rey taking the mic from his advocate and Brock with an F5.  Brock gets Rey up for another F5.

Brock looks at Dominick in the front row and Brock makes his way to where Dominick is sitting.  Dominick sits down (when another course of action might be better).  Brock grabs Dominick and pulls him into the ringside area.  Brock runs Dominick into the ring post and slams him to the floor.  Brock sends Dominick into the ring and then Brock with a German suplex.  Rey tries to grab Brock's leg but Brock with another F5.

Brock leaves the ring while Paul is in shock.

Brock returns to the ring and he leaps to the apron and more officials come to the ring while Brock suplexes Rey across the ring and then he does the same to Dominick.

Brock leaves the ring as officials check on Dominick.  Paul tries to talk some sense into Brock.   

Brock does not understand Paul and Brock goes after the officials and then he throws Rey across the ring and then he does the same to Dominick.

Brock rips off his shirt and throws it onto Dominick and Rey on the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at what Brock Lesnar did to Rey Mysterio and Dominick Mysterio.

We see footage of Dominick being put on a stretcher during the commercial break and Rey apologizing to Dominick.

Match Number One:  Sasha Banks versus Alexa Bliss

Before the match starts, Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch joins the announcers for this match.

Sasha sends Alexa to the mat and she punches Alexa.  Alexa avoids being sent into the turnbuckles and Alexa sends Sasha into the turnbuckles and kicks Sasha.  Sasha sends Alexa to the apron and Sasha knocks Alexa off the apron with a forearm.  Sasha has some words for Becky and Becky gets on the announce table and they gesture at each other.  Alexa pulls Sasha off the turnbuckles and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Alexa with an arm drag into an arm bar.  Alexa with a rollup and bridge to counter a hip toss for a near fall.  Alexa with a drop kick and Sasha goes to the floor.

Alexa goes for a baseball slide and Sasha pulls out the ring skirt.  Sasha with a kick to Alexa.  Sasha gets a near fall.  Sasha with kicks and she chokes Alexa as we hear an ambulance leaving the building.  Alexa with a head scissors that sends Sasha into the turnbuckles.  Alexa with a kick to the arm and Alexa with clotheslines and she sends Sasha to the mat.  Alexa with a knee drop but she misses the second one.  Sasha with a knee to the head for a near fall.  Sasha sends Alexa into the ropes and Sasha calls for Bayley even though Bayley was not there and Sasha gets the three count.

Winner:  Sasha Banks

After the match, Becky makes her way to the ring and they exchange punches.  Becky takes Sasha to the mat and she punches Sasha.  Becky with a kick and European uppercut.  Sasha goes into the crowd to escape from Becky.

Becky takes the mic and she asks Sasha where is she going because they were just getting started.  You can run now, but on Sunday, you are not leaving that town until she is done with Sasha.  You made it personal and Sasha says she is going to make it painful.  Retribution is coming around.

We go to commercial.

We are back with Charly Caruso and a look at what happened last week with Seth Rollins and The Fiend.

Universal Champion Seth Rollins joins Charly and Seth wants to talk about what Brock did to Rey and Dominick.  Seth says he is disappointed and disgusted with Brock.  He does not know how to game plan for something like Bray Wyatt.  This title means too much to him to go quietly.  He will survive and he will prevail.  He will walk out as the Universal Champion.  Tonight, is the season premiere of Raw and Rey is in no condition to compete tonight, but when he is heatlhy, Rey has a title match waiting for him.  Seth says he promised a Universal Title Match tonight and they will get it.  This will be an opportunity for someone to step up.  Tonight, he will burn it down.

Match Number Two:  Dolph ZIggler and Robert Roode versus Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight for the Raw Tag Team Championships

Dolph and Tucker start things off and Tucker goes for the legs but Dolph escapes and Tucker backs Dolph into the ropes.  Tukcer with a waist lock but Ziggler with a side head lock.  Ziggler with a shoulder tackle but he goes down.  Tucker with another shoulder tackle and then he leaps over Ziggler and hits a drop kick for a near fall.  Tucker with a delayed vertical suplex and Otis tags in and takes Ziggler to complete the suplex.  Otis gets a near fall.  Ziggler with a drop kick and Roode tags in.  Otis runs through a double back elbow and Tucker tags in.  Otis with a double shoulder tackle and then Otis and Tucker with a double delayed vertical suplex on Roode and Ziggler.  Otis and Tucker with a running double splash and we go to commercial.

We are back and Tucker knocks Roode off the apron and Tucker slams Ziggler.  Roode pulls the ropes down and Tucker falls over the top rope to the floor.  Roode tags in and he runs Tucker into the apron and then into the ringside barrier.  Roode kicks Tucker and sends him back into the ring.  Roode chokes Tucker in the corner and Ziggler tags in.  Ziggler with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall.  Ziggler with a chin lock and arm bar on Tucker but Tucker tries to make the tag.  Ziggler with a reverse chin lock and he turns Tucker away from his corner.  Roode tags in and Ziggler sends Tucker into the turnbuckles and Ziggler with a splash.  Roode with a spinebuster for a near fall.

Ziggler tags in and he kicks Tucker in the ribs.  Tucker catapults Ziggler into the ring post and both men are down.  Roode and Otis tag in and Otis with shoulder tackles on Roode and a splash on Ziggler.  Otis slams Ziggler.  Roode kicks Otis and Otis shimmies.  Roode with a chop and Otis Dozes up.  Otis with an Exploder and then he sets for the caterpillar but Ziggler interferes and Otis with a spinning slam.  Otis with a splash to Roode and it is time for a caterpillar to both men.  Otis runs into boots from Roode but Otis catches Roode off the apron and Ziggler with Zig Zag to stop Tucker from hitting Compactor.  Ziggler super kicks Otis and then Ziggler with a super kick to Tucker followed by a GLORIOUS DDT for the three count.

Winners:  Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler (retain Championship)

Ric Flair walks in the back with Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart in split screen as we go to commercial.

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